Installed Base

“Forecast & Experience market-leading technologies and platforms using our advanced analytics. We monitor over 10M+ data records of companies across the Globe. Design and customize your modern marketing campaigns in a way as never before.”



Top Technologies Companies Using
Salesforce CRM 145,915
SAP ERP 86,526
Microsoft Dynamics AX 20,248
SAP 123,371
Top Categories Companies Using
CRM 1,187,208
ERP 234,700
Cloud Computing 3,945,845
HRMS 157,477

Technographic Data Simplified

Installed Base acts as a right tool to help your sales and marketing teams gain maximum goal oriented results when required. If direct customer engagement is your top priority,
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Frequently Asked Questions

The database is updated at a regular interval of 90 days, and it is absolutely ensured that only the latest data is appended with complete information.

Installed Base help the sales and marketing team for making smarter decisions using predictive analytics. We continuously analyze the data from different sources based on the buying pattern, technology usage of the customers and offer business-oriented “Technographic data” beneficial for the organization.

Technographic data is a complete set of information which includes the company’s technology usage; the technologies they are likely to use in the future, the technologies which they have added and dropped in the recent years, etc. The data can guide you in making accurate decisions of targeting the best technological customers.

We get our data from various authentic sources like business directories, tech events, trade shows, yellow pages, etc. The Installed Base provides the Technographic data -information related to technologies and the Firmographic data – information pertaining to the company’s location, and revenue which is both subdivided into systematic formats, for the convenience of the customers.

We have the pre-built data already available for the customers, but if they need data matching their business requirements on a higher level, then customized data is also available.