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What is Product Lifecycle Management Software?

Product lifecycle management means handling a product correctly, as it moves through the different stages of the lifecycle such as the development stage, growth stage, maturity, and finally decline phase. The PLM software manages the data during the product development and through the entire lifecycle.

    Global Product Lifecycle Management Software Market Share (%)

    Company Name Market Share
    Vero Software 22.5%
    CNC Software 8.7%
    Delcam 8.4%
    Autodesk 6.2%
    PTC 5.7%
    Siemens PLM Software 5.4%
    Dassault Systems 5.0%
    Cimatron 4.8%
    DP Technology 3.5%
    Missler Software 2.8%
    Others 27%
    Product life cycle management

    Companies Using Product Lifecycle Management Software (Sample Data)

    Company Name Website Address Country Phone Number SIC Code SIC Industry
    Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. www.bellflight.com 3**0 So**h No*wood D**v* United States (8*7) 2*0-2**1 3728 Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment
    Teqtron Inc www.teqtron.com *56 Sn*de* Ct*u*t United States (9*5) 5*3-5**1 7373 Computer Integrated Systems Design
    Biesse America www.biesse.com 4110 M**dow O*k Dr*v* United States (7**) 3*7-31** 3599 Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment
    Textron www.textron.com 40 W*stm*nst** St***t United States (40*) 4*1-2**0 3999 Manufacturing Industries

    The PLM companies list includes details of the customers using product lifecycle management services. The software increases collaboration, accelerates creativity, and shortens the time for marketing the product. It is used in different industries, in the business systems, in the creation of the product, helping in the integration of documents of data, and others. The solution offers all support related to the product. It integrates people, processes, and data, thus providing product information for the extended enterprise. Some of the top companies using project lifecycle management services are Bamboo Rose, PTC Windchill, and Autodesk Vault among other companies.

    As a business owner, you know that product lifecycle management is critical to your success, but it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the market.

    Product Lifecycle Management Software Installed Base provides you with overall information on market share, customers, and revenue by country, industry, and company size. You can use this information to make informed decisions about your products and stay ahead of your competition.

    With our Datasets, you can easily target your customers compared to other companies in your industry. You can also identify new opportunities and target new markets with our detailed customer analysis.

    Product Lifecycle Management has different stages:

    • BOL (Beginning of life): Involves new product development and design phase
    • MOL (Middle of life): Involves product data management and collaboration with the suppliers
    • EOL (End of life): Involves the final phase when the product has to go through the recycling or discontinued process.

    The benefits of Product Lifecycle Management are:

    • Reduces product unit costs
    • Increases the sales revenue
    • Enhances the product quality
    • Lowers the prototype costs
    • Fastens the release cycle of the products
    • Gets more innovative products into the market
    • Improves resource utilization
    • Fewer design flaws
    • Improves customer relationships
    • Increases profitability