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Apache Storm, developed by Twitter, serves as a free, open-source distributed computation system that enables the execution of functions on a real-time basis.

Apache Storm lets one process unlimited data efficiently and reliably. It performs real-time processing in the same way that Hadoop conducts batch processing. Not only is it fun to use but also simple. Further, it can be paired up with any programming language.

Apache Storm has multiple uses ranging from real-time analytics to continuous computation. It is swift and has clocked a benchmark speed of processing a million tuples per second per node. It provides various benefits as it is highly scalable, has some tolerance to faults, guarantees that data will be processed, its setup is effortless, and operation is easy.

Apache Storm is somewhat close to Hadoop in terms of how it works. Both of these are distributed networks for Big Data analysis, and they have a lot of scalabilities and are commonly used for corporate intelligence. But what makes Apache Storm stand out is that its topology is active until it is terminated by the user, whereas Hadoop processes are finished in sequence.

Apache Storm is an open-source, powerful, and user-friendly application. It can be used in both small and large businesses. Renowned companies like Twitter, Spotify, and Wego use it. Furthermore, It is also fault-tolerant, versatile, and dependable, and it works with any programming language. It is also outfitted with operational intelligence. Finally, Storm refreshes data and gives end-to-end delivery replies promptly depending on the scenario. It has extremely low latency.

Apache Storm is a popular, easily accessible, stream processing computer platform for real-time data analysis. Many firms are already employing it or creating better and more useful software.

Companies that use Apache Strom

Company Name Website Contact Number Revenue
Capital One www.capitalone.com (703) 893-1501 $32 Billion
Teradata www.teradata.com (858) 485-4000 $1 Billion
Virtusa www.virtusa.com (508) 389-7300 $1 Billion
Wells Fargo www.wellsfargo.com (415) 396-7392 $16 Billion
Yahoo www.yahoo.com (408) 349-3300 $5 Billion

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