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Tableau is a software company which produces interactive data visualization products and focuses on business intelligence. Known as one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool, it is easy to learn, fast to deploy, and very intuitive to use. The software caters to diverse needs and is made available on multiple platforms for professionals and organizations. Viz, Tableau Desktop is made for individual use, Tableau Server is for any organization, Tableau Online for Business Intelligence in the Cloud, Tableau Reader Lets users read files saved in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public is for journalists or anyone to publish interactive data online.

Tableau is a beneficial software for drilling-down data, creating insightful reports and garner actionable business insights. It has a very intuitive user interface, and users don’t need any coding knowledge to work with Tableau. It is mainly used by people and organizations which use data visualization, business intelligence, and analytics tools. Some of the advantages of Tableau are that it quickly creates interactive plots, builds interactive dashboards using a GUI, it is cost-effective, provides a variety of implementation and consulting services and offers native connectors to easily pull, cleanse and correlate data from practically any source without having to create custom code. If you want to reach out to Tableau customers, our Tableau customers list will be the perfect one.

Companies that use Tableau

Company Name Website Location Revenue Contact Info
ACT www.act.org United States $232 Million (480) 304-4300
Allstate www.allstate.com United States $50 Billion (847) 402-5000
Anomaly www.anomaly.com United States $513 Million (917) 595-2200
Honeywell www.honeywell.com United States $34 Billion (704) 627-6200
Cigna www.cigna.com United States $174 Billion (860) 226-6000

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