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SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 is a sophisticated and dependable data management solution for embedded application clients and local data stores that provide a rich range of capabilities, data protection, and speed. It is a free version of SQL Server 2008 designed for quick deployment and prototyping.

It’s built to work in tandem with the rest of your server infrastructure investments. SQL Server 2008 brings a slew of enhancements to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), many of which aim to make it a bit easier and more pleasant to use.

SQL Server 2008 includes two geographical data types and a variety of geographic functions. Geometry and geography are the two new data categories. The geometry data type is a planer type of data that defines the Euclidean coordinate system or the flat earth model as it is more often known. The spherical earth model is represented by the geography data type, which represents ellipsoidal data.

SQL Server 2008 includes Policy Management in all versions. Policies may be written to regulate things like name conventions, server setup, import/export requirements, and so forth. You may manage your SQL Server instances consistently and save your administration expenses by adopting a uniform set of policies across all of your instances.

DATE and TIME, two additional data types introduced with SQL Server 2008, are now accessible. You may now use these data types to record just the DATE or TIME component of a particular time that you require. DATETIME2, a new date or time data format, is also included. The precision of the time element of your date or time value can be increased with DATETIME2. Finally, a new data type called DATETIMEOFFSET was added. This new data type allows users to store time zone-aware date and time information.

SQL Server 2008 is free of cost, scalable edition of SQL Server that is suitable for learning, building, and running desktop, online, and small server applications and redistribution by independent software vendors (ISVs).

What Companies Are Using SQL Server 2008?

You get information on companies using SQL Server 2008 from the list below.

Company Name Website Revenue Location
Capital One www.capitalone.com $32 Billion United States
Marathon Oil Corporation www.marathonoil.com $4 Billion United States
ING www.ing.com $20 Billion United States
UBS www.ubs.com $35 Billion United States
T-Mobile www.t-mobile.com $80 Billion United States
Horizon Therapeutics www.horizontherapeutics.com $3 Billion United States

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