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Google Cloud Dataflow enables you to create pipelines, oversee their operation, and manipulate and analyze cloud data. Google Cloud Dataflow, according to Google, will allow you to acquire meaningful insights from the data while cutting operating expenses without the complexities of installing, maintaining, or growing infrastructure.

Google Cloud Dataflow is a well-managed large data processing solution that provides a unified approach to batch and streaming analytics. Cloud Dataflow relieves you of operational responsibilities such as resource management and performance control. It is a technology stack product in the Real-time Data Processing area.

Google Cloud Dataflow offers dynamic task balance and sophisticated auto-scaling, allowing for enhanced performance while requiring no additional operational complexity. According to reports, 66 organizations, including Spotify, The New York Times, and PLAID, employ Google Cloud Dataflow in their IT stacks.

Google Cloud Dataflow provides significant advantages with a work-centric and fully controlled resource architecture. Google Cloud Dataflow is simple to connect with Google Platform and its many services. Its API has just been elevated to an Apache Software Foundation incubator project named Apache Beam.

Cloud Dataflow service is described as “language-agnostic” in the Google blog article, although the first SDK is for Java. PCollections are used to represent all datasets. It comes with a rich library of PTransforms, such as ParDo and GroupByKey. Dataflow provides nearly endless capacity to manage seasonal and spiky workloads without overpaying due to auto-scaling of resources and cost-optimized batch processing features.

Cloud Dataflow can read data from Google Cloud Pub/Sub middleware feeds in publish-and-subscribe mode or from any database or file system in batch mode. It also facilitates developer customization of data transformations. The service improves processing activities by combining numerous jobs into a single execution pass. Additionally, SQL queries using Google BigQuery, a cloud-based analytics service, are supported.

Companies that use Google Cloud Dataflow

Company Name Website Contact Number Revenue
AIG (212) 770-7000 47 Billion
Bahwan CyberTek (408) 330-0700 $669 Million
Barnes & Noble, Inc. (212) 633-3300 $3 Billion
CoreLogic (800) 426-1466 $2 Billion
LERETA, LLC (800) 537-3821 $134 Million
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