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Remote Dictionary Server, or Redis, is a speedy, open-source, and advanced key-value data store. Salvatore Sanfilippo, the original inventor of Redis, sought to increase the scalability of his firm. Therefore, he launched an initiative to create Redis, a database, message broker, and queue currently widely used.

Redis popularized the concept of a system that can act as a store and a cache by employing a design where data is permanently altered and read from the main computer memory. The activity of warehousing data in stock is known as caching, and it is done to serve data more quickly in the future.

Redis has a data model quite different from a relational database management system (RDBMS). User instructions do not define a query that the database engine should run but rather particular actions on abstract data types. As a result, it allows for quick retrieval in the future without using secondary indexes or other standard RDBMS capabilities.

The Redis implementation makes extensive use of the fork system call to duplicate the data-holding process, allowing the parent process to proceed serving clients. In contrast, the child process copies the data to disc. Python, Java, C/C#/C++, PHP, Perl, Node.js, Go, JavaScript, and many other programming languages and protocols are supported by Redis.

The advantages of Redis are that it is swift, and it supports practically all data types, and provides flexible data structures. Additionally, Redis as its hashing algorithm, known as Redis Hashing. Furthermore, there is no downtime or performance effect while scaling up or down. Finally, and maybe most importantly, it is open source and stable.

Given its benefits, 5000+ firms, like Snapchat, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Twitter, employ Redis in their software stacks. In a nutshell, Redis is a tech stack tool that belongs to the In-Memory Databases group.

Companies that use Redis

Company Name Website Contact Info Revenue Location
 Twitter (415) 222-9670 $4 Billion United States
 GitHub (415) 448-6673 $378 Million United States
Craigslist (415) 566-6394 $230 Million United States
Stack Overflow (212) 232-8294 $67 Million United States
Shopify (613) 241-2828 $4 Billion United States
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