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Physicians Email List

Reach all types of physicians, including Surgeons, Urologists, Cardiologists‎, Psychiatrists, and more.

What's in the Physicians Email List?

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    Our Clients:

    Our Doctors Email Database's Custom Selections:

    Type of Physician
    DEA, NPI, State License
    Average patient volume
    Specialty information
    Medical school and practice history
    EHR and PMS
    Geographic Locations
    Group practice name
    Hospital affiliation
    Number of employees on site
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    Get in touch with leading physicians in the USA, UK, Canada, Asia, and leading markets around the world to sell high-quality medical solutions using the physicians email list from InfoClutch. The list we build is custom-made for marketers by addressing their needs with precision. The tailor-made list is useful for getting in contact and starting a successful conversation with prospects that can be successfully carried into the closing of sales.

    InfoClutch’s physicians email list lets you reach a physician in various departments including public health organizations, government practices, private practices, teaching facilities, and hospitals.

    Our physicians email list effectively serves the purpose of bringing together potential marketers, business owners, and manufacturers to fill in the gap and strengthen business goals. Using our marketing list gets closer to Physicians that are proven to deliver results by allowing you to meet the highly qualified physicians from leading healthcare associations for the finest quality and the highest levels of deliverability.

    InfoClutch’s doctors email list is verified from the source and is continuously updated to ensure conformity to trending marketing standards. The continuous optimization of the database makes the list a truly effective one helping you connect with the best physicians in the specified area. Our physicians email list gets updated every three months so that you get the latest data for reaching your prospect via direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign.
    Our physicians email list will serve as a starting point to make strong revenue and top ROI by helping marketers reach healthcare professionals with decision-making power. The right mailing list opens the door to good results for businesses. Our solution guides you with the best approach for reaching out to the prospect at a convenient time and making useful conversions. An accurate email marketing strategy with our Doctors mailing list can push your marketing campaign in reaching unbelievable heights of success and reaping the rich harvest of sales, revenue, and ROI.

    How to Get the Most Out of InfoClutch Physicians Email List?

    With the help of the physician mailing lists, you have access to many contacts who match your target audience criteria.
    Here are the businesses that can benefit by investing in the InfoClutch database:
    • Makers and manufacturers of medical machinery
    • Manufacturers of surgical equipment
    • Uniform and PPE kit makers
    • Hospital security and database management firms
    • Recruitment agencies for the medical profession
    • Research and Seminar organizers related to medicine
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Hygiene and health product makers

    What are the Various Marketing Channels for Physicians Email List?

    Reaching out to all types of physicians like Urologists, Surgeons, Cardiologists, etc., is made easier with the InfoClutch Physicians Email List. Take your direct marketing to the next level with the help of the resources that are verified by experts and acquired after consensual opt-in.
    Target Different Marketing Channels with InfoClutch’s Database

    Marketing is evolving and multi-faceted today. You can quickly and effectively reach out to a large number of the target audience for the business when you have the resources. Here are a few marketing channels that you can use when you have the InfoClutch physicians mailing List at your fingertips.


    InfoClutch database includes the personal phone number and the official contact numbers of the professionals. Hence, reaching out through telemarketing processes is much easier.

    Email Subscription

    The mailing details are provided within the database, which lets you share promotional mails and business proposals effectively. As the contacts are listed after consensual opt-in, rest assured that your approach will not get ignored when you make the right pitch.

    In-Person Meeting

    You can also schedule an in-person meeting with the professionals at their office address. You will need to get an appointment, but having access to the physical address can make the process smoother.

    Get Customized Lists of Target Audience

    Professionals at InfoClutch can make the work simpler for you by creating a tailor-made doctors mailing list ideal for finding your target audience. If your services are specifically for surgeons, their database has got you covered. Though you can always filter the different segments and specializations to find the desired contacts, their customized database simplifies it further. The best part is that you'll get a customized database immediately once the purchase is complete.

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    Whom Can You Target Using Our Physicians Email List?

    Stop chasing incorrect or incomplete leads. Don’t waste your money and time by approaching the wrong audience. Be specific on whom to target to make your campaigns work wonders. Using our unique list, target physicians by specialty:

    Our dependable data sources allow us to serve you better

    Healthcare centre reports and public filings
    Opt-in email campaigns
    Healthcare tradeshows and conferences
    Healthcare surveys and feedback forms
    Business cards of Physicians
    Healthcare seminars

    What People Say About Us

    Client Testimonials

    What I liked most about InfoClutch is their commitment to deliver the best-in-class services to their clients.

    Robert, Director, Marketing
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    InfoClutch delivered fresh data that supported my business objectives and gave the conversions I have never got before.

    Nancy, Marketing Manager
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    Authentic and complete information that saved our time and helped us focus on campaign strategy.

    Xin Lee, Campaign Leader
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    It was pleasure working with a company who understood our concern and addressed it in a timely manner.

    Sara, Marketing Manager
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    Have worked with many email list providers but the experience I had with InfoClutch team was exceptional.

    Michael, VP of Marketing
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    I am very satisfied with the quality of the list InfoClutch provided us. It helped us in our multichannel marketing campaigns a lot.

    Peter, Marketing Specialist
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Around 123,000 contacts are available in the physician email list.
    The physicians email list is developed by our team of 100+ market researchers, scientists, and data experts.
    The physician email list is updated every three months with the latest and relevant data.

    You can reach the right prospect via email, direct mail, and telemarketing campaign.

    The physician email list is segmented by hospital affiliation, geographic locations, DEA, NPA, state license, specialty information, group practice name, EHR and PMS.

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