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About Us

Explore the Competitive Advantages that Data Brings
Data is the 21st-century gold. We, at InfoClutch, know how imperative it is for you to unearth data into information that drives power. With over 70 million records in our database, we drill down and tap into critical business insights to power your marketing and sales cadre with highly reliable and efficient B2B marketing data. With exclusive focus on improving the marketability of our business data, we strive to offer optimum quality services throughout the sales and beyond. We endeavour to achieve highest service excellence, and foster an unabated commitment to promises as we proceed towards that goal that guarantees success.
On any given day, we choose to address your issues with equal importance as the one that you have worked on your own. Our company is on a ceaseless journey towards making your vision a reality. Use our rich database repository as an instrument that helps your business stay in touch with your clients, interact with prospects, business people without any demographical barriers.

About Our Work

Your satisfaction is the only fuel we use in our growth engine. We give our best so that you achieve your best accomplishments. In the B2B World, we work towards bridging the gap between businesses and help you stay connected with all stakeholders and in-turn excel in the marketplace.

Our Team

Mark Fisher
As the chief executive officer of a leading B2B marketing company, Mark focuses on new and innovative ways to grow clients’ businesses. He says, if you think big, you can grow bigger.
Brad Simon
- VP Sales
With more than 9 years of experience, Brad Simon heads the sales team. He helps connecting businesses with their targeted prospects for better ROI.

Ben Martin

An accomplished and results-focused marketing strategist, Ben widely transforms the brand image of an organization to new heights of success.


Raj Francis
- Director - Customer Success
Experienced in nurturing relationships with customers to accelerate win rate and net retention, he believes a brand is successful if clients are happy.

Our Mission

Our common goal and mission is to serve as a compass that can navigate and overcome market challenges. We acquire data, derive intelligence, and deliver results that can shape the advancements of Industry!

We Make Things Happen

about us

InfoClutch houses a proficient team of over 150 seasoned strategists, data experts, and technology geeks. Be it any geography, industry, or category, the team at InfoClutch is adroit enough to unearth goldmines of business intelligence from the massive raw data cluttered over the globe.

As we converge upon various business challenges, we are also defining ourselves as a brand offering custom B2B solutions for your sales and marketing needs.InfoClutch has been a household name among Major Corporations and a large number of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs).

“As a young, yet experienced company, InfoClutch strengthens its clients’ marketing initiatives and strategies with accurate, reliable and updated data.It constantly strives to unlock new growth opportunities for its clients and help them gain a greater market share by offering data as a competitive advantage”

“Let Us Help You With The Right Prospect Data”

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