Actian Customers List



Actian is an on-premises and cloud data management solution for seamless performance, insights, and outcomes. This hybrid data management, integration, and analytics company helps users to connect operational and analytic data for superior performance, business outcomes and insights. The software helps manage, capture, store, and query different types of data including SQL or NoSQL, relational, embedded or object databases. It as well helps connect or integrate data between databases, business applications using on premise and cloud-based solutions. Actin allows users to analyze and deploy an analytic query into the system to accelerate insights into data across the cluster on a single node.

Actian offers data integration, data management, and analytics database solutions that are designed to deliver significantly better performance than the competition. The software provides an array of data management solutions that promise significant improvement in performance. Data integration modules allow data connection for seamless integration with other systems for integrating cloud-based and on-premises data and apps. Analytic Databases include Vector in Hadoop and Vector for Cloud and Vector is an SMP analytics and promises to deliver industry-leading performance supporting integration with various data formats and ANSI SQL. As a business owner, if you plan to get through the customers of Actian, our Actian customers list will be the appropriate one.

Companies that use Actian

Company NameWebsiteLocationRevenue Kingdom$1 Billion
451 Researchwww.451research.comUnited States$65 Million
ADPwww.adp.comUnited States$15 Billion
Ask.comwww.ask.comUnited States$20 Million
acmewww.acmemarkets.comUnited States$2 Billion