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TIBCO ActiveSpaces is a peer-to-peer shared in-memory data grid, which is a type of virtualized shared memory space replicated across dispersed systems. Similar to a database, ActiveSpaces have clause filters identical to those found in SQL. Also, data may be used to make it fault-tolerant, and concurrent access control is provided through locks.

ActiveSpaces offers an application-based programming interface that enables developers to warehouse and retrieve the information and build database and communication features. ActiveSpaces also includes an administrative CLI tool and an administrative GUI for creating and managing the data grid. This simplifies the development of distributed applications that exchange and alter data shared across processes and over a network.

A typical RDBMS is incapable of keeping up with the increasing volume of data and the high rate of I/O operations per second. This RDBMS disadvantage might have an influence on performance and slow down the whole system. ActiveSpaces provides a decentralized in-memory data grid that can boost processing speed and lessen dependency on pricey transactional systems to alleviate the load of extensive data. It is a platform for developing highly flexible, fault-tolerant systems.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces combines database functions with a straightforward, user-friendly middleware administration framework. It also supports a wide range of hardware and software platforms, allowing programs operating on many types of machines on a network to interact easily. The ActiveSpaces software package delivers the advantage of efficiency, robustness, and scalability to programmers.

It generates virtual data caches from the collective memory of participating nodes, dynamically growing when more nodes join the data grid. It enables vast, highly volatile data sets and event-driven applications by integrating the capabilities of databases, caching systems, and messaging tools.

Companies that use TIBCO ActiveSpaces

Company Name Website Location Revenue
Aerospace www.aerospace.org United States $594 Million
Accel bi www.accelbi.com United States <$5 Million
ACHMEA achmea.nl Netherlands $25 Billion
Active Network www.activenetwork.com United States $400 Million
Amway www.amway.com United States $8 Billion

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