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As technology gets a fresh makeover, the sophistication makes room for unwonted privacy concerns. As a responsible data provider, InfoClutch aims to educate its customers, site visitors, partners and affiliates “how we manage your personal information?” through this Privacy Policy. When you visit our site or interact with contents placed in it, you are acknowledging to the terms of this Privacy Policy and any modifications made to this Privacy Policy will remain in effect from the date of publishing the same. So, users are recommended to visit this Privacy Policy from time to time to stay updated with our terms of information utilization. By visiting our website or utilizing our services, you are acknowledging the terms of information utilization set herein or amended hereafter in this policy.

Data Aggregation

Effective Date: This Privacy Policy Is Effective As Of November 02, 2016

InfoClutch collects information with elements for business and consumers alike. All information is acquired from reliable sources and quality control measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of the database.

Where Do We Collect Prospect Data?

Our entire database is sourced from reliable sources that are listed below.

InfoClutch gathers information by prioritizing its quality. We do not collect or engage genetic email address entered by individuals. InfoClutch collects Personal Information (name and email address) through contact forms on our site because it helps us contact individuals likely to become our paying customer. We may also acquire information from our affiliates and co-branded sites.

Sharing Of Information And Disclosure

InfoClutch does not share any collected Personal Information with third party affiliates or its partners. We value the privacy of information filled by users, and no information shall be used in any manner than disclosed in this Privacy Policy. InfoClutch may roll out promotional offers to help its clients discover value. Hence, any Personal Information of the subscriber shall only be disclosed to the third party where: (i) InfoClutch is confident about the benefits that favor its customers. (ii) The recipients acknowledge receiving communications. (iii) Law enforcers and judicial authority urge to furnish information. Should you wish to stop receiving any marketing communications from InfoClutch, unsubscribe by following the link provided at the footer of our promotional emails. We shall remove unsubscribed users from the mailing database to cease future marketing communications from reaching their mailbox.

Privacy And Security

InfoClutch carries its positive reputation for taking utmost care in managing Personal Information collected from the site visitors and customers. We may share your contact information with our affiliates if only some offerings are relevant to your interest. Your Personal Information helps us serve better and improve the user experience on our site. We also use the information to identify legitimate users. It is part of our efforts to ensure safe utilization of our resources. We identify the site visitors by tracking information such as domain name, IP address, and other information that distinctively identifies one user from another. We also collect the information obtained through surveys, fill outs, and tracking pages visited by users. The purpose of tapping such information is to provide seamless delivery of customized promotions such as email alerts, e-newsletters, promotional emails, and product information. InfoClutch may also use the information to build our internal database of interest-based users.

The Policy Of Data Usage

The Personal Information that we collect is primarily used for our B2B transactions. However, we may also use the same for notifying updates and validating sales transactions We do not share your information with third party marketers who may have an interest in communicating with you. If you no longer wish to receive marketing communication from InfoClutch, follow the link to unsubscribe provided at the footer of every email. InfoClutch will remove your information from our mailing database preventing any future communications from reaching your mailbox. When you access an external link from our site, your information may be collected by third party sites to identify you personally. InfoClutch is not liable to mediate any disputes or cover for damages that users endure by visiting an external site. InfoClutch requests its users to refrain from divulging any personal information on our site. Information such as account details and passwords are sensitive data that are vulnerable to misuse and loss. Despite the exhaustive measures taken by our security experts to safeguard your data, you will be solely held responsible for any data acquired from us.

In Compliance With CCPA And GDPR

With the introduction of the CCPA in 2020, the information of the California residents is safeguarded. GDPR does the same but it safeguards the information of the data subjects based out of Europe, not necessarily a citizen or resident.

InfoClutch has services aligned with the CCPA and GDPR that make the process effective and efficient. For more information, visit our CCPA and GDPR pages.

How InfoClutch Protects User Information?

Our in-house Security experts deploy advanced digital tactics to secure every database. Some of the latest strategies are used to prevent mismanagement and unauthorized access to sensitive data. InfoClutch does not furnish Personal Information to its affiliates and partners without prior consent from individuals. Since InfoClutch is a technologically driven brand, we take stringent measures to protect the data integrity. Our updated data security mechanism checks the pulse of every database and Personal Information to prevent unauthorized access and misuse. InfoClutch is readily compliant to policies that dictate the ethical use of Personal Data. However, in the wake of technological evolution, it is impossible to assure a 100% safety of any digital data. Hence, InfoClutch does not guarantee a 100% safety of any client information. By using our services, you acknowledge the passive risks of sharing digital data.

What Information Do We Collect?


Personal Information

Personal Information such as email, name, and address offered to us through fill outs and forms by users interested in our services. Should you choose not to submit a complete information, you may not enjoy full benefits offered by us.


Tracking Information

InfoClutch may collect your IP address to identify the users personally. It is part of our effort to encourage effective interaction with legitimate users alone.



InfoClutch uses cookies to track the fundamental interactions made by users on our site. It helps us to improve the user experience. You reserve the right to accept or decline our cookies. Note: Any third party links leading away from our website may use cookies to collect track the visitors, and the use of such is not covered under this Policy.

Protection Of Information

The user behavior information such as cookies, click through, opened acknowledgments, and email conversations collected from users will not be shared with any third party in any manner than otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy. InfoClutch collaborates with the third-party source for closure of the sales transaction. We take extraordinary measures to prevent retaining or storing the transaction details and are a subject matter of solicitation.

Marketing Emails

It is felonious to use InfoClutch resources for illicit reasons, and we advise users to remain compliant with respective laws (state, federal, or international) while using our service features. InfoClutch presents this Privacy Policy to promulgate the ethical use of digital data and to brief users how we handle the information submitted to us. Your information and feedback help us enhance the quality of service and the security of digital data. When you are using the features of our services, you are agreeing to the terms of this Policy and acknowledge the data handling ethics.

Marketing Content

At InfoClutch, we take particular care to ensure that subscribers receive relevant content fully compliant with the laws. Our content algorithm is capable of service the right content based on the Personal Information submitted by individuals.


Every email that we send has a unsubscribe link prominently displayed in the footer of emails. If you choose not be contacted, click the link and you will be automatically removed from all our future email campaigns, newsletters, and promotions. We are bound to respect the interest of our valuable clients and will commit to abide by rules of the industry. Note: When recipients unsubscribe from our marketing campaigns he or she may stop receiving any future communications. However, some residual information may remain in our database, which could be due to data being deleted multiple times.

Modification Of Personal Information

If you wish to update the Personal Information submitted to us, reach us at [email protected] or call (+1(732) 851 3666). We shall get back to you in 24 hours.

Emendation Of Privacy Policy

InfoClutch may modify this Privacy Policy without pre-intimation. To stay updated on recent revisions on data usage, please refer this Policy periodically. Alternatively, you may receive email communication from us when changes are amended to this policy. Nevertheless, by using our site or services you acknowledge to the terms of this Privacy Policy unconditionally.


InfoClutch does not conduct business with individuals under age of 18 and we may deny services to minors. You may not access our resources or submit information without parental supervision.


Users may visit any external links within our website at their own risk. InfoClutch is not liable for any information submitted by visitors on third party links.

Last Updated: October 12, 2020

Queries And Concerns

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