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Business Identity Theft

Business Identity Theft or Corporate Identity Theft is a real concern in today’s marketplace. From a Fraudsters perspective, it is significantly more cost-effective, easier and very lucrative to steal business identities. It involves actual impersonation of the business itself and occurs through misuse of publicly available information to perpetrate fraud. In recent days InfoClutch has had reports of deliberate misrepresentation as an associate. However, we are presently not planning for any Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliances and have no 3rd party vendors listed for any business communications.
If you have been getting misleading calls or receive any emails resembling the domain “InfoClutch.com” but not actually us, please report the same to respective cyber security organizations and do not hesitate to call us on our toll-free number available on the website www.InfoClutch.com. We are a standalone private organization, and no one except our authorized representatives are permitted to conduct business on behalf of InfoClutch. Our goal is to prevent identity theft and protect our clients to put in place the best possible “lock” to defend against thieves.
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Below are some of the general guidelines to detect the theft as early as possible so that corrective actions are taken.
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