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Apache Hive is a malfunction-tolerant, distributed data warehousing solution that supports large-scale analytics. A data warehouse is a central repository of data that can be quickly evaluated to make data-driven choices. Hive is a SQL-based database that allows users to read, write, and manage petabytes of data.

It was created in 2007 by Facebook engineers who wanted to provide analytics users with SQL access to Hadoop data. Hive, like Hadoop, was created in response to the requirement to manage petabytes of data generated by online activity.

Hive is based on Apache Hadoop, an open-source system for effectively storing and processing massive amounts of information. As a result, Hive is tightly linked with Hadoop and is built to handle petabytes of data fast. Hive is distinguished by its ability to query big datasets with a SQL-like interface using Apache Tez or MapReduce.

Data summarization, querying, and analysis are the three significant capabilities of Hive. It accepts queries written in HiveQL, or HQL, a declarative SQL-like language that, in its previous version, automatically transformed SQL-style queries into MapReduce tasks that were run on the Hadoop platform. HiveQL also allowed users to include custom MapReduce scripts into queries.

Apache Hive is easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective since it stores data in the HDFS, giving it a far more flexible option than a typical database. With its SQL-like language, querying data is simple to understand. In addition, massive datasets enable up to 100,000 queries per hour, which means you can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

End-of-day reports, day-to-day transaction reviews, ad-hoc searches, and data analysis are all possible with Apache Hive. Apache Hive’s rich insights provide significant competitive benefits and simplify your ability to respond to market demands.

What Are The Name Of Companies That Use Apache Hive?

Below is the list of companies using Apache Hive:

Company Name Website Revenue Location
Ford Motor Company www.ford.com $134 Billion United States
Travelers www.travelers.com $34 Billion United States
Gannett www.gannett.com $3 Billion United States
IHG Hotels & Resorts www.ihgplc.com $1 Billion United States
Florida Blue www.floridablue.com $8 Billion United States

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