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SQLite is a software library that creates a transactional SQL database engine that is self-contained, serverless, and requires no setup. It’s a zero-configuration database, which means you don’t have to configure it on your system like other databases. Even after being one of the most popular database engines on the market, SQLite popularity has little to do with its size. SQLite’s source code is available in the public domain.

The SQLite engine is not a stand-alone process like some other database; you can link it to your application dynamically or statically, depending on your needs. SQLite has immediate access to its storage files.

SQLite is self-contained, meaning it does not require any additional dependencies. It is a compact and lightweight database, weighing in at less than 400 kilobits when fully configured and less than 250 kilobits when extra features are disabled. Since SQLite is a lightweight database, it may easily be used as embedded software in devices such as televisions, cell phones, cameras, and other household electrical gadgets.

SQLite is a database management system that runs on UNIX and Windows. It is developed in ANSI-C and has a straightforward API. Moreover, SQLite transactions are completely ACID-compliant, allowing several processes to access the database safely.

The SQLite database may be accessed via several third-party programs. If an SQLite database is lost, the content is more likely to be recovered. Data has a longer lifespan than code. As material can be retrieved and modified using simple SQL queries rather than lengthy and error-prone procedural queries, it lowers application costs. SQLite may be readily expanded in future revisions by simply adding additional tables and/or columns. Backward compatibility is also preserved.

SQLite is a well-known database that has been successfully utilized with on-disk file formats for desktop applications such as version control systems, media cataloging, CAD packages, and record-keeping programs.

What Companies Are Using SQLite?

From the below list, you can find the name of companies that uses SQLite:

Company Name Website Contact Info Revenue Location
All Web Leads www.allwebleads.com (512) 279-3113 $170 Million United States
SciPlay www.sciplay.com (702) 897-7150 $598 Million United States
GRAIL grail.com (833) 694-2553 $177 Million United States
 Levelset www.levelset.com (866) 720-5436 $42 Million United States
Superhuman  www.superhuman.com $18 Million United States

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