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IBM Compose is one of the managed databases enabling modern enterprise applications. The service provides a cluster of dedicated physical machines to the users for provisioning their databases optionally. The features which IBM Compose has are the one-click production-ready deployment of the database, scaling up of the deployment seamlessly, and expert DBAs. IBM Compose has the services which are MongoDB, this is a NoSQL document store which can be used as a database store for the web and mobile applications.

The other services which it has are Redis, this is one of the fastest and scalable data stores to be used as a persistent store for sharing by different applications, servers, etc., PostgreSQL, this can be used as an alternate for MS SQL server and Oracle, Rethink DB, this is a scalable data store for the real-time data, Rabbit MQ ,this is used as a message broker platform based on the AMQP and collects data including IoT type data, clickstream, etc., ScyllaDB, this is a NoSQL database and acts a better alternative to Cassandra, and ElasticSearch which is one of the well-known search applications used for the log search, document search and text search.

The benefits which IBM Compose provides are that it can get production-ready database within minutes, provides a single point of access, and offer high availability deployments.


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