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Pristine B2B Data for Seamless Lead Generation

The perfect catalysts to multichannel marketing campaigns

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The ‘R’ Factor of B2B Business Mailing List

The ROI of your business mailing list depends on the quality of your email campaigns.

White Papers

Our white papers are intended to help businesses understand an issue, solve a problem, or make an informed decision.

Breakdown of Email Click Through

Email Click Through Rate is a key marketing metric to measure email marketing performance.

Who can benefit from InfoClutch?


Make recruitments hassle free with high-quality multichannel prospect data to help recruiters reach qualified specialists from various domains.

Sales Teams

Our B2B list gives your sales team the confidence to prospect qualified professionals and decision makers across Canada, US, UK, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Marketing Managers

Roll out compelling marketing plans to drive engagement and conversions using our B2B marketing data that help marketing managers to make favourable decisions.

Business Builders

Our multi-channel marketing data is a competent road map in the hands of a business builder. Explore the untapped markets to engage decision makers and showcase your marketing inventory.

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