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Apache pig, also known as Hadoop Pig or Pig Programming language, is a high-level system or tool for processing massive datasets. Pig Latin is a high-level language used in Apache Pig to define data analysis programmes and the infrastructure for assessing these algorithms. There are four types of Pig data models: atomic, tuple, bag, and map.

Apache Pig comprises two parts: the Pig Latin language and the Pig engine. The Pig Latin Language is used to write scripts by the programmers to process the data that is stored in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). HDFS is a one-of-a-kind file system that allows storage for enormously big files. On the other hand, the Pig engine internally converts all the scripts processed into a single map and reduces the job.

Yahoo created Apache Pig in the year 2006 with the idea of creating a tool that was easy to learn and use. As a result, Pig makes Hadoop a breeze. Because MapReduce programming was becoming increasingly complicated, and many MapReduce users were uncomfortable with its languages, Apache Pig was designed.

Apache Pig Scripting is used to explore massive databases and provide support for ad-hoc searches over substantial data sources. Additionally, telecom companies use this to de-identify consumer call data. Apache Pig also permits rapid prototyping and spur-of-the-moment queries across massive datasets.

What makes Apache Pig simple is the language it uses. Pig Latin is similar to SQL and is easy to use, learn and read. Another reason why working here is advantageous is that Apache Pig automatically optimizes job execution. As a result, programmers have to worry about the language’s semantics. Finally, Apache Pig employs a multi-query strategy. This dramatically decreases the length of the codes, and the work is done with less coding.

Companies that use Apache Pig

Company Name Website Contact Number Revenue
Acxiom www.acxiom.com (628) 200-3079 917 Million
California State University-Stanislaus www.csustan.edu (209) 667-3122 $3 Billion
Edward Jones www.edwardjones.com (314) 664-4899 $12 Billion
Twitter www.twitter.com (415) 222-9670 $4 Billion
Unitedhealth Group www.unitedhealthgroup.com (952) 936-1300 $287 Billion
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