Did You Know Facts

Fact #1

Sending 16-30 campaigns every month can significantly amplify the Click-Through Rate (CTR) that is 2 times more results against marketers who send 2 or fewer campaigns.

Fact #2

Email marketing increases subscriber volume. However, brands who oversend emails have seen 78% of consumers unsubscribing from emails.

Fact #3

Facebook directs 82% social media traffic to stories with lengthy content while 84% is led to shorter news content

Fact #4

The average ROI from email marketing is 4,300% for businesses in United States alone

Fact #5

Over 60% marketers engage in email blasts to reach out to their customers while 13% leverage upon automation software

Fact #6

Fact #7

Personalised subject lines in email are responsible for 26% open rate while segmented email campaigns yield 760% higher revenue

Fact #8

50% marketing influencers & 51% marketers find email list segmentation & campaign individualization as a proven personalization strategy

Fact #9

Video Marketing is a catalyst for revenue growth where profit margins are upped by 49% against non usage of videos

Fact #10

86% of marketers choose email for business communications because emails provide higher engagement rates

Fact #11

On Twitter, the referrals for lengthy articles from social sites are up by 16% and 14% for short news content.

Fact #12

Over 60% Marketers engage in email blasts to reach out to their customers while 13% leverage upon automation software.

Fact #13

24% marketers feel unsure if their marketing efforts have immediately impacted deal closure.

Fact #14

Conversion rates are boosted by 28% when call to action is preferred over text links

Fact #15

4.24% email marketing audiences are converted against 2.49% of search engine users and 0.59% social media users.

Fact #16

Welcome emails drive revenue by 320% per email than the promotional emails

Fact #17

Report by bluehornet states that 80% of email recipients delete inbound emails that are not ideally optimized for mobile

Fact #18

Of 1 Billion emails sent, the video emails yield 96% more CTR than non-Video emails

Fact #19

Segmented #emailcampaigns see an open rate of 14.32% greater than non-segmented email campaigns

Fact #20

By end of 2017, #email users from US are bound to grow up to 244.5 mn. It is further expected to increase up to 254.7 mn within 2020

Fact #21

72% of the companies conform that emailing contributes from 85% to 75% ROI (Return On Investments)