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Cforia Software Inc. is a global enterprise solutions provider that specializes in working capital and accounts receivable (A/R) automation. Cforia currently manages $425 billion in A/R Turnover for over 250 firms. Superior technology, along with exclusive real-time data integration solutions, has propelled us to 15 years of success across complicated and disparate ERP systems.

Cforia’s rapid growth is fueled by better technology, which includes the below features.

  • Real-time data integration across disparate ERP systems
  • Order management,
  • Separate clean and dirty receivables monitoring
  • Ability to handle multi-currency
  • Multi-languages, and multi-business units.

Finance departments may manage their own electronic dunning correspondence, reporting, and credit and collections business logic with Cforia’s A/R Automation, rather than relying on overburdened IT personnel or outside consultants. Through an enterprise software suite that includes Zero-Touch OTC Lifecycles(SM), Credit Lifecycles(SM), Credit Lifecycle Management, Strategic Collections Management, Deductions Collaboration Portals, and FTE Resource Optimization, the comprehensive Cforia. AutonomyTM software suite maximizes Order-to-Cash (OTC) performance. Finance departments can manage their order to cash workflows, electronic dunning correspondence, credit, collections business logic, and business analytics without relying on an overloaded IT team or expensive external services using Cforia. AutonomyTM.

Companies that use cforia

Company Name Website Contact Infor Revenue
ATD (800) 752-1801 $5 Million
Dorman +44 1233 626519 $5 Million
Ferrero +33 2 35 88 36 00 $12 Billion
Goodman +61 2 9230 7400 $2 Billion
Textron (401) 421-2800 $12 Billion

Cforia. Autonomy Features

  • Credit Management
  • Collections Management
  • Deductions Management
  • Order Hold Management
  • Cash Forecasting & Reporting
  • Electronic Dunning System
  • Real-Time Data Integration

End-to-End Order-to-Cash

Cforia’s product suite covers the complete order-to-cash cycle, providing your business with the tools and visibility it needs to handle open accounts receivable.

  • Customer Intelligence

Every transaction and consumer data point that comes through our platform is scrutinized to build intelligent decision-making based on your customers’ actions.

  • Machine Learning

Cforia Machine learning is a data-driven process that spans the complete order-to-cash platform. Each module within the platform are probably developing from one another to optimize workflows.

  • Single View of Global A/R

Multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-ERP environments are all fully supported by Cforia. The ability to aggregate data on a global scale provides you with visibility throughout your entire business.

  • Global User Community

Within the Cforia, customers have access to best practice workflow and report templates. They can work together and learn from their peers on the Connect online platform, which is available 24/7.

  • Next Generation Data Connectors

The challenges of siloed data are addressed with Cforia Next Generation Connectors, which provide the technology capabilities to integrate with each system and aggregate data into a single platform.

Cforia. Autonomy’s Collections

Cforia. Autonomy’s Collection Management platform reads and updates data from various sources, including collectors, external data feeds, and customer activities, and then automatically provides customer touches and follow-ups, allowing your collections team to focus on high-priority accounts.

  • Intelligent Worklists

Automatically generate daily worklists for the A/R department to optimize collector efficiency and cash flow. Smart workflows provide real-time customer intelligence to the collector and increase the number of client touches.

  • Dispute Management

With a workflow-based approach, you may streamline the dispute settlement process. Life cycle management from a 360-degree perspective with built-in collaborative capabilities for root cause analysis, assignment, routing/escalation, and final resolution.

  • Detailed Activity History

Every customer’s activity is tracked in one central location. Call records, payments, tasks, and correspondence are all accessible from a single platform. Eliminate the need for data to be stored in Excel spreadsheets, post-it notes, or across other platforms.

  • Automated Dunning

Scale your outreach without hiring more people. Set up letter and email templates that may be automated to send to your clients through automated rules to reduce the number of manual touches your staff wastes time with each day.

  • Rules-Based Collections

Cforia’s mighty machine-driven automation powers 100 percent configurable dynamic rules and strategies. The right clients will be reached at the right moment, thanks to pre-defined business.

  • Promise-to-Pay Tracking

Cforia’s real-time integrated workbench, automatically closes promises to pay commitments as soon as cash is received in your ERP system. Collectors will handle P2Ps on an exception basis rather than a rule basis, and they will stay in one system at all times.

Automate Your AR Process with Cforia Software

The standard accounts receivable process is time-consuming and complex. Everything from receiving a customer order to receiving payment for the purchase is covered. Time and money are saved by streamlining the process on a single platform and automating manual tasks.

  • Unified view of data across disparate tasks and workflow
  • Predictive modeling that is more accurate than real-time data
  • Ability to identify opportunities for increased efficiency through automation
  • Information sharing across a cross-functional team
  • Improvised profitability and working capital management
  • At every touchpoint, the consumer experience has vastly improved.

Benefits of AR Automation with Cforia Software

From credit management to invoicing to payment and collections, automation supports optimizing every aspect of the accounts receivable process.

  • Single View of Global Cash
  • Full Portfolio Coverage
  • Real-Time Customer Data
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Intelligent Workflows

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