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QuickBooks Desktop has many products such as Mac, Pro, Premier, and enterprise. The user benefits of the QuickBooks Desktop products are core accounting which includes accounts receivable, general ledger, accounts payable and the bank reconciliation. There is a Payroll facility, depositing slips and other features helping in smooth financial transaction. The inventory management process automates the sending and creation of invoices. QuickBooks Desktop tracks the sales, orders and even the deliveries to maintain the supply of products. The financial reporting has the KPI which calculates balance sheet, profit loss statement and tracks the trends.

The benefits which QuickBooks Desktop provides are that it manages the suppliers, customers, bank accounts of the businesses. Its automation capability gives an edge over its competitors to provide the best of user experience. The financial reports are generated without any errors. It streamlines and manages the financial process of an organization for better productivity and efficiency. QuickBooks Desktop tracks the time of the financial process and avoids re-entry of any data thus avoiding duplication. Employee payroll is made easier with the feature of this software. The integration of QuickBooks Desktop provides access to the store managers to align the transaction and the accounting data from Magento stores to QuickBooks Desktop.

Companies that use QuickBooks Desktop

Company Name Website Location Contact Info
KerberRose www.kerberrose.com USA (715) 526-9400
McNally’s Bookkeeping www.mcnallysbookkeeping.com USA (610) 999-2974
Prudential Accounting www.prudentialas.wixsite.com USA (567) 318-2797
Today’s Hospitalist www.todayshospitalist.com USA (215) 997-9650

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