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QuickBooks Capital is a lending product which helps the small businesses in getting the required fund for their business operations. It works seamlessly with QuickBooks and helps the small businesses in acquiring peer-to-peer loans, long-term loans, short-term loans, etc. Businesses which qualifies for loans from QuickBooks Capital are the ones which have been in the market quite for some time like a minimum of six months. Debt history is even checked before getting approval from QuickBooks Capital. There are some industries which do not include in the list of QuickBooks capital service. Such industries are prohibited from getting approval from QuickBooks Capital.

The features which it has that it provides a comprehensive picture of the financial transactions. Additional with the core accounting app most of the small businesses do connect their credit cards and bank account. QuickBooks Capital gives access to small businesses for the open invoices credit. One can understand a small business in the context of seasonal trends and growth with the help of QuickBooks Capital. The product is powered by data and artificial intelligence (AI) which makes it efficient and popular. As the platform is automated, QuickBooks Capital provides an opportunity for the growing businesses to access the capital easily. This saves the time which is very important for a small business.

Companies that use QuickBooks Capital

Company Name Website Contact Number Revenue
OnDeck www.ondeck.com (866) 278-2841 $444 Million
PRO Unlimited www.prounlimited.com (650) 344-1099 $562 Million
AccountSolve LLC www.account-solve.com (215) 346-6034 $5 Million
Four Seasons Property Management www.fourseasons.com (704) 335-1431 $5 Million
KerberRose www.kerberrose.com (715) 526-9400 $25 Million

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