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Greenplum Database is an OSS, hardware-agnostic massive parallel processing database for insights created by Pivotal, which VMware subsequently bought. It is centered on PostgreSQL. Its framework was explicitly developed for managing vast data stores and BI workloads by allowing users to distribute their data over several servers.

Greenplum expands proactive and batch-mode operations to large databases without reducing query speed due to its distinctive cost-based optimization technique built for big-scale data applications. Furthermore, Greenplum, rooted in PostgreSQL, gives users more authority over the solution they deploy, eliminating monopolistic tendencies and allowing businesses to have a say in product’s working.

Additionally, Greenplum breaks down silos of data by combining analytical and management tasks, such as streaming input, into a unified, scale-out ecosystem.

In one Greenplum cluster, it uses many PostgreSQL database environments simultaneously. Several of the capabilities, settings, and performance of PostgreSQL are similar to that of Greenplum, which incorporates qualifications aimed to maximize PostgreSQL’s performance for BI operations and workloads.

Greenplum also includes several capabilities that aren’t accessible in PostgreSQL, including resource management, parallel data entry, storage upgrades, and sophisticated query processing, rendering it a more appealing option when compared to PostgreSQL.

Greenplum’s data flow is unusual since it can effectively route information from the disc to the Central processing unit without depending on the information fitting into Random access memory. This gives Greenplum installations a significant speed advantage over in-memory solutions, which require adequate memory to hold their data. Because Greenplum can grow linearly to effectively handle data, it avoids the difficulty that conventional RDBMS face while scaling to petabytes of data.

For sizable, big data applications, Greenplum has a cost-based request optimizer. It expands without affecting query speed, as we discussed previously. This permits Greenplum to disseminate the load across their various segments and work on a query in parallel using all the platform’s resources.

Companies that use Greenplum Database

Company Name Website Revenue Location
Verisk $2 Billion United States
Centene Corporation $114 Billion United States
WellCare Health Plans $20 Billion United States
The Walt Disney Company $67 Billion United States
OneMain Financial $3 Billion United States

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