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BaseCamp is one of the leading collaboration and web-based project management tools. It is a successful cloud-based application which enables people and companies for getting better control over their business, creating self-sufficient teams. The software boasts of many integrations including apps and add-ons such as Lodge, Paydirt, Headquarters, Daypack, FreeAgent, Blueridge, etc.

Some of the main features of BaseCamp are social collaboration platform, task history, project templates, document management, track project hours, messaging or instant messaging, resources allocation and forecasting, interactive Gantt charts, to-do list, adding of recurring tasks, and others. The complete solution is laid out on a single screen, and you can access the projects and contact the team members seamlessly.

The major benefits of Basecamp are that it helps in sharing ideas, organizing reference conversations, and ensuring that all the members remain on the same page. BaseCamp allows in sending the messages to the clients and helping to share the project with the team members. The tool is easy to use and is intuitive. It even allows the integration with the third-party tools for the synchronization and back up.

Companies that use Basecamp

Company Name Website Location Revenue
Zest zest.ai United States $21 Million
Zoro www.zoro.com United States $500 Million
Sales pad www.salespadusa.com United States $5 Million
NASA www.nasa.gov United States $23 Billion
Makstudio www.makstudio.us United States $5 Million

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