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IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is a Hadoop industry standard that blends the finest of open-source software with enterprise-grade features. It can simplify and increase time to value for various big data and analytic applications, both on and off the platform.

Clients may effectively have the best of both worlds with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights on the mainframe. They may continue to benefit from the mainframe’s security and stability when processing sensitive data. Still, they can also use the extensive capabilities available in Hadoop without jeopardizing the safety of operating systems. By merging mainframe data with data from other sources, firms may acquire a comprehensive perspective of their operations and frequently gain insights that enable them to improve efficiency, uncover new revenue possibilities, or cut expenses.

BigInsights is an IBM tool that assists businesses in analyzing the rising amount, velocity, and validity of data of interest. BigInsights is not intended to be a replacement for a relational database management system (DBMS) or atypical data warehouse.

It is not designed to handle interactive queries over tabular data structures, OLAP, or OLTP applications. Instead, it is a platform that can be used to supplement your preexisting analytic infrastructure, allowing you to filter through large amounts of original data and integrate the findings with structured data warehoused in your DBMS.

BigInsights enables enterprises to examine a wide variety and vast amount of data in order to acquire previously unattainable insights. Its primary goal is to provide organizations with the necessary tools to achieve essential business objectives while remaining compatible with the Hadoop project.

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights provides a fresh set of functionalities that blend Apache Hadoop ecosystem innovation with solid support for established skill sets and currently installed products. The ability to harness existing talents and technologies via open-source capabilities contributes to a cheaper cost of ownership and a faster delivery. As a result, InfoSphere BigInsights provides innovative solutions to previously too vast and complicated issues to tackle cost-effectively.

List of Companies that use IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

Company Name Website Employee Count Contact Number
Credit Suisse 50110 (212) 325-2000
General Motors 157000 (313) 667-1500
Nationwide 25391 (614) 471-7676
Refinitiv 9882 (857) 365-1200
SEC 4628 (202) 551-6000

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