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Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a freely available and open-source distributed database system for warehousing and processing massive volumes of data on commodity computers.

Because traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) are not well adapted for processing massive amounts of unstructured data, such as those created by sites and online enterprises, Apache Cassandra employs the NoSQL system instead. NoSQL offers a more straightforward design and enables horizontal scalability, which allows for the addition of more servers to improve speed.

Rather than the master/slave structure used in RDBMSs, Cassandra has a peer-to-peer design. Unlike peer-to-peer file transfers, there is no master server in the former. The slave servers are deemed worthless if a master server stalls or crashes due to many requests, but with a peer-to-peer architecture, each database network is equal and may take requests from any user.

Cassandra’s popularity stems from its impressive technological capabilities. It is incredibly scalable, allowing for the addition of more hardware to support more users and more data as needed. Moreover, it is linearly scalable, which means that as the number of nodes in the cluster grows, so does the throughput. As a result, it maintains a rapid response time.

Cassandra is a flexible and versatile data storage system that can handle all data types. It can actively adapt to changes in your data structures based on your requirements. Cassandra’s versatility allows you to deploy data anywhere you need by duplicating data across various centers.

Apache Cassandra is used for handling massive volumes of structured data scattered over the globe. Cassandra’s always-on design means it has no point of failure and is always accessible for mission-critical applications that can’t afford downtime. There is no single point of failure, making it a highly reliable service.

Companies that use Apache Cassandra

Company Name Website Contact Info Revenue Location
Lorven Technologies (609) 799-4202 10M-50M United States
DATA Inc. (201) 802-9800 100M-200M United States
Zendesk Inc (415) 418-7506 200M-1000M United States
Netflix (408) 540-3700 $29 Billion United States
Facebook (650) 543-4800 $117 Billion United States

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