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Oracle 12c is an enterprise-class database with outstanding performance. According to Oracle, it is “the first database designed for the cloud.”

Oracle officially introduced Version 12C, the first one in the C series, in 2014. Because it’s the first version of Oracle intended to function on the Cloud, it’s labeled with a C rather than a G. Businesses may easily migrate their current Oracle database data to Cloud using this Oracle version. The Oracle Database now contains 500 new features in version 12C. The pluggable databases, as well as multitenant architecture, are by far the most significant characteristics.

It brought multifarious new features to queries, migration, duplication, and restoration. Containers and Pluggable Databases, a critical new structure aimed at multitenancy, were introduced. The Container Database manages memory and processes, whereas Pluggable Databases (PDBs) contains user information. Moreover, Oracle 12c has the capability of automated caching for large tables to manage severe database loads.

In comparison to Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c employs enhanced indexing algorithms. In Oracle 11G, a user may only construct one index per column. Oracle 12c allows users to define numerous indexes on a single column. To introduce multiple indexes on the same column, the user must use a separate index type. In addition, Oracle 12c employs the index compression method to increase compression ratios, allowing for faster index access.

Also, Oracle 12c introduces a new function called “APPROX COUNT DISTINCT(),” which is an optimized function. This function can handle a vast amount of data in a shorter amount of time than accurate aggregation.

Oracle Database 12c has features that make it trouble-free for customers to migrate to the Cloud. The multitenant architecture is intended to simplify consolidation without needing any application modifications. Consolidation is a crucial step towards becoming cloud-ready. The pluggable databases allow for quick setup and mobility.

Companies that use Oracle 12c

Company Name Website Revenue Location
Enterprise $19 Billion United States
American Express $43 Billion United States
USCIS $4 Billion United States
Shell $220 Billion United States
South Jersey Industries $1 Billion United States
Air Liquide $25 Billion United States

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