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MariaDB, a clone of MySQL, is a popular open-source Structured Query Language relational database management system created by MySQL’s original creators. It’s intended to be quick, dependable, and simple to use. RedHat, Ubuntu, Tumblr, Amazon Web Services, Google, Wikipedia, SUSE Linux, and others are among the organizations that use MariaDB.

Its development began in response to concerns raised following MySQL’s acquisition by Oracle Corporation in 2009. MariaDB’s developers and maintenance personnel now perform periodic merges with the MySQL codebase to guarantee that MariaDB receives any relevant MySQL issue fixes.

In a wide range of applications, from banking to the internet, MariaDB converts data into structured information. MariaDB is utilized because it is speedy, flexible, and resilient. It has a rich storage engine, plugins, and several other features that make it highly adaptable for a wide range of use cases. It was initially created as an upgraded drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Since the number of data businesses collects and analyze is enormous, it’s critical to have a database structure that works with you to extract value. MariaDB can handle numerous petabytes of data, supporting the current corporate world’s ever-growing array of data sources.

MariaDB is among the most widely used database servers. It is a relational database that uses a SQL interface to retrieve data. It was created as open-source software. This platform is built to handle billions of columns and rows while delivering results in seconds. The support for enormously parallel processing improves the database’s analytical speed significantly.

What Are The Name Of Companies That Use MariaDB?

You can find out which Companies use MariaDB by looking at the list below.

Company Name Website Contact Info Revenue Location
 Amazon Web Services (206) 266-1000 $45 Billion United States
Windows Azure (425) 703-6214 $5 Million United States
Red Hat (919) 754-3700 $3 Billion United States
Google (650) 253-0000 $257 Billion United States
Mozilla (650) 903-0800 $451 Million United States

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