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The CAD software is the technology for designing in a 2D or 3D printed format. The software falls into two categories, 3D modeling software, and CAD software. The CAD software is mainly used while creating industrial objects such as mechanical objects, while the 3D modeling software gives the required artistic freedom to design. The 3D modeling software has been used in video games and film animations for making organic designs.

    CAD Software Market Share (%)

    Company NameMarket Share
    Autodesk Inventor15%
    Autodesk AutoCAD13%
    Siemens NX12%
    PTC Creo (Pro/ENGINEER)11%
    Solid Edge9%
    CAD Customers List

    Companies Using CAD Software (Sample Data)

    Company NameWebsiteAddressAddress 1CityStateZipcodeCountryPhone Number
    ABCO Automationwww.goabco.com6**2 T**hno**gy DrBrowns SummitNorth Carolina27214United States(3*6) 3*5-**00
    Limbach Holdingswww.limbachinc.com1**1 W**ER**ONT P*Ste. 2**PittsburghPennsylvania15222United States(*1*) 3*9-21**
    Cardiff P**k Gr**eCardiffCardiffCF10 3BNUnited Kingdom44 2**087**73
    Bosch Car**ert-**sch-P**tz 1GerlingenBaden-Wuerttemberg70839Germany49 7**4**40*9*
    Agrometer a/swww.agrometer.dkFæ**ed**j 1*GrindstedRegion Syddanmark7200Denmark45 7*72*3**
    CAD may help the process by transferring the detailed diagram of the products. As, the software is used to produce 3-D or 2-D diagrams, there is a special plotter or printer for printing the professional design renderings. CAD helps in the accurate dimensional analysis and in the mathematical scalability by using the vector graphic technology.
    The software is designed as a technical tool with various functions like architecture, industrial design, mechanical design in areas such as astronautics and aerospace engineering. A CAD model contains data such as tolerance, material properties, manufacturing process, dimensions, etc. Some of the different types of 3D software are TinkerCAD, BlocksCAD, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, OpenSCAD, among others.
    CAD companies are transforming the engineering design process across different industries. They’re offering services that is helping aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas sector, shipping and other sectors. Some of the top CAD companies are Siemens PLM Software, SolveSpace, Encore, TurboCAD and other leading companies. The software is helping engineers, drafters, designers and other professionals.
    The CAD companies have a good portfolio of CAD software programs to help users explore design ideas, visualize the concepts and simulate how the designs would perform on a real-time basis. The 3D CAD modeling services help engineers and designers for building realistic computer models of the different parts.

    Some of the significant benefits of the CAD software are:

    • Increases the productivity
    • Helps to document the design
    • Helps in simplified sharing