Bullhorn CRM Customers List

Bullhorn CRM

This customer relationship management software is built for companies of all sizes. The solution is popular among the staffing and recruiting firms for its features designed suitably for them.

Bullhorn CRM is considered one of the refined and excellent solutions in the industry with its powerful CRM features. It helps find right candidates for further processing. The software significantly eliminates the manual entry tasks and further stores outbound and inbound email communication. It helps in better decision-making, improves relationship with clients, and streamlining the workflow.

The solution is also easy to navigate and has a lot of tools that are innovative and offer a better experience to users. It also facilitates in setting the reminder so that later you can complete task. The software’s industry-leading applicant tracking system is an important part of this intelligent solution and it helps users never miss out on any applicant suitable for the requirement. It makes the users hyperactive and makes them take action immediately to benefit at the end.

The features of Bullhorn CRM are LinkedIn integration, mobile recruiting, email integration, dashboard reporting, passive activity tracking and others. It has third-party integration, a self-service portal, recruitment management, applicant status and others. The solution manages data, and even has a feature where you can easily search from the contact list. The features that make this software unique and different from others are mobile ATS and CRM, relationship insights, pipeline management, and automatic data capture. With all this, it makes task easier for the user leading to overall efficiency. It grows advocacy, strengthens relationship and increases lifetime value.

The benefits of Bullhorn CRM are that it helps save your time, improves marketing campaigns and saves money. The solution also offers actionable insights and strengthens communication. Overall, Bullhorn CRM enhances the customer experience.

Companies that use Bullhorn CRM

Company NameWebsiteRevenueContact Info
Addison Groupwww.addisongroup.com$800 Million(312) 424-0300
ALKUwww.alku.com$848 Million(978) 296-6900
Apex Systemswww.apexsystems.com$2 Billion(804) 342-9090
Andiamowww.andiamogo.com$47 Million(212) 488-1595
Collinwoodwww.villageatcollinwood.com$5 Million(512) 836-8810