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Trello, a cloud-based application designed for project management, helps the teams and individuals in keeping their projects organized. It has different functions, such as software project management, real estate management, accounting, gaming, and lesson planning. Its visual collaboration tool helps to create a shared perspective on any of the projects. The project tracking use case facilitates the team to visualize the brainstormed ideas virtually.

It has various features, can work on many boards at a single time with multiple windows, can set up a global shortcut to open the main window from anywhere around the world. The base features of this application are powerful and flexible. If the user needs some additional functions, then the power-ups can be enabled. Trello can not only help you in the individual project but also in the collaboration project. As a user, one can add comments to the card directly without sending emails for updates.

The benefits of Trello are it minimizes confusion around the project assignments, provides simple collaboration allowing entire team for participating in relevant discussions, can upload the files from Google drive accounts, and Dropbox. If you have products that are valuable to Trello customers, get in touch with them with our list of companies that use Trello.

Companies that use Trello

Company Name Website Location Revenue
Google www.google.com United States $257 Billion
Paypal www.paypal.com United States $24 Billion
Spotify www.spotify.com United States $10 Billion
Tumblr www.tumblr.com United States $96 Million
Unicef www.unicef.org United States $6 Billion

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