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Firebird is an open-source relational database with numerous SQL and ANSI capabilities that can run on various UNIX, Windows, Linux systems. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, rich language compatibility, and good speed.

Firebird is constructed on the source code of Borland InterBase 6.0. It’s an open-source database with no dual licensing. It is completely free, regardless of the purpose you require it for. Firebird innovation has been around for thirty years, making it a well-established and reliable product.

Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, macOS, Solaris, and other operating systems are all supported by Firebird. It operates on x386, PowerPC, x64, Sparc, and other platforms, and it features a simple migration technique between them.

Firebird is a simple open-source RBMS that delivers good and scalable results from single-user installations to organization-wide implementations using an integrated and single-user paradigm. Firebird’s core features include a multi-generation framework, compatibility for all key platforms, a strong and intuitive SQL language, surveillance, security, and development tools.

To offer external synchronization and coherence, Firebird employs a multi-generational design, also called multi-concurrency control, that relies on record releases rather than read/write restrictions and transaction data.

The multi-generational structure of Firebird is a significant feature that allows the creation and assistance of OLAP and hybrid OLTP applications. As users do not impede writers while viewing the very same data throughout most cases, a Firebird system may serve not only as an analytical data store but also as an operational database server at the same time.

The Firebird database’s recording and monitoring functionality include a powerful Trace API and a large number of monitors. The Firebird database does this by offering an outstanding foundation for SQL troubleshooting, real-time surveillance, event auditing, and remote connectivity. The security option is also available in the Firebird database.

Companies that use Firebird

Company Name Website Revenue Location
Northrop Grumman $35 Billion United States
Western Refining $40 Million United States
UDC Student Center $154 Million United States
General Motors $127 Billion United States
Drug Enforcement Administration $2 Billion United States

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