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Businesses that already use the SAP software will benefit from the SAP Gateway framework. It is an open standards-based system that any developer can utilize. This software helps connect applications that are non-SAP with SAP applications. Moreover, if you use this, you can connect your mobile with the applications. This way, you can enable some innovative features that will help you organize your business operations.

Using the SAP Gateway, you can activate some prominent technologies like SAP Fiori or the mobile platform. Furthermore, it is a crucial aspect of the SAP NetWeaver that helps you stay connected with technology. All your SAP systems will get connected and operate collectively. This gateway uses a secured Open Data Protocol to operate. So, developers can use a plethora of programming modules or languages to access the applications.

With the help of these modules, you can connect to every SAP software application you own. However, you do not have to harbor any SAP knowledge. Even then, you can leverage REST services along with the ATOM protocol to bring or secure crucial business data. Using SAP Gateway, you can fuel technological development and generate new initiatives for growth. You can interact with valuable data easily with the help of this customer portal. Furthermore, SAP Gateway is open, timeless, standardized, user-friendly and developer-oriented. You can then personalize, analyze and target that data based on your requirements.

What makes this software intriguing is its industry-leading knowledge. It infuses high-end technologies and brings all the back-end processes to an alternative source of management – your phone. However, to harness the full potential of this system, you need to have certain developer knowledge. Overall, this innovative driver can open up the SAP ecosystem to make the operations more manageable and simpler.

Companies that use SAP Gateway

Company Name Website Revenue Contact Info
Bechtel Corporation $17 Billion (571) 392-6300
John Deere US $44 Billion (309) 765-1000
MOEN $706 Million (440) 962-2000
Valero $114 Billion (210) 345-2000 LLC $161 Million (702) 943-7777

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