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What is Office Productivity Suite Software?

The productivity software is an application which is programmed to make creating and processing of information much easier. It includes applications such as spreadsheets, database, email, presentation, word processing, and other related software. This collection of applications helps the knowledge workers in an organization by increasing their productivity. LibreOffice, Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Live Notes are the most commonly used office suites.

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Global Office Productivity Suite Market Share (%)

Company Name Market Share
Microsoft Office Online 59%
Google Apps 24%
Apple iWork 6%
Others 38%
Office Productivity Software - TechFact
The features which office productivity suite has are:
  • Embracing the mobile: Users can create documents from mobile which is time-saving and convenient for the regular user of Microsoft office.
  • Embracing the cloud: The recent versions of Office 365 platform has embraced the cloud-based tech environment. The data can be created, stored online and also can be accessed from anywhere in the world (home, airport, lounge, coffee shop). The only essential thing is devices having an active internet connection.
The benefits which it provides are:
  • Safety and security
  • Value for the price
  • Never before high-quality collaboration tools