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How does one define healthcare?

Healthcare is an approach or process that helps to improve or maintain the health with the right prevention, diagnosis and cure of any diseases, injuries, or illness in the human body. It could be either a mental or physical disability.

Who provides the healthcare service?

Healthcare services are provided by professionals such as doctors, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and other professionals.

A proper healthcare service leads to better health of the body.

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Healthcare Market Share (%)

Company Name Counts No. of Products Market Share
Cerner 33,409 7 9%
McKesson 30,202 6000 8%
AllScripts 21,045 76 <5%
Availity 6,614 7 <5%
Kinnser 5,404 3 <5%
Healthcare Software Customers List

A primary healthcare service can help you in:

  • Proper treatment
  • Regular checkups
  • Necessary care

The advantages of healthcare are:

  • Helps to deliver excellent patient care service
  • Focusses on maximizing the staff efficiency
  • Offering a wider range of specialized treatments
  • Increased reach to the medical resources

Health service as a universal coverage

Healthcare service that has the universal coverage could serve the humanity as a whole. There are various other services that not only provide individual patient care, but also to the community and the common population and improve the public health.
The various health services include preventive care, diagnostic care, nutritional care, diagnostic care, treatment for substance abuse, mental health care, pharmaceutical care, dental care, etc.