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Neo4j is an open-source graph database. Instead of rows plus columns, it has nodes, properties, and edges. It is better suited to specific massive data and advanced analytics operations for several use situations than other databases. Furthermore, all ACID rules are supported by Neo4j.

Neo4j, a NoSQL graph DBMS, counts Cisco, LinkedIn, and eBay among its top commercial clients. Neo4j is characterized by relatively low-coding online tools that educate non-tech-savvy customers on graph databases’ benefits and use. The Neo4j DBMS is available as a community OSS under a GPL3 license. The program has been developed in Java and includes backup extensions that are not open source.

Relationships in it are represented using a graph database. The Facebook application Friend and Like relationships are two of the most popular examples. A graph database is a form of database in which the entities are represented by the nodes, whereas the relationships show how these nodes are linked.

Neo4j offers simple retrieval of data as compared to traditional databases. It allows users not just to describe but also conveniently retrieve related data. You may grow the system by raising the frequency of reads or writes and the capacity without affecting query processing performance or data integrity. Neo4j additionally has replication functionality for data security and dependability.

Neo4j includes the Cypher, which is a strong declarative language for queries. Graphs are shown using ASCII art. Cypher is simple to understand and is used to establish and retrieve data relationships without using sophisticated queries such as Joins.

Neo4j offers a flexible, straightforward, and robust data model that can be quickly adjusted to fit the needs of different applications and sectors. It also gives real-time analytics by using real-time information. Additionally, its availability makes it ideal for big corporate real-time projects that involve transactional assurances.

Companies that use Neo4j

Company Name Website Revenue Location
Truist $23 Billion United States
Nordstrom $13 Billion United States
Merck $52 Billion United States
Levi Strauss & Co. $5 Billion United States
Amway $8 Billion United States

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