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Signature® from Fiserv is a cutting-edge, all-in-one customer-centric banking solution that permits your business to flex and scale to satisfy evolving demands. Signature caters to the needs of larger financial institutions and those that seek customized solutions to address specific business requirements. Consistent client information across numerous delivery channels, streamlined business processes, and the ability to mitigate risk are critical features of the system.

With Signature, you can meet today’s requirements and shifting demands with flexible, scalable, and innovative companion solutions. Fiserv’s Signature® is a comprehensive, real-time solution that provides traditional and nontraditional financial institutions worldwide with customization, system integration, and process optimization.

Signature is a robust, all-in-one retail and commercial banking solution that helps banks function effectively with local peers, regional competitors, and national brands by swiftly generating new products and services. Signature provides excellent functionality and adaptableness to our client institutions and is suitable for commercial and retail-focused banks. It is amalgamated with a host of Fiserv solutions for a complete enterprise-wide banking solution.

Fiserv provides Signature clients a wide range of delivery options, including licensed, outsourced, hybrid, resource management, and business process outsourcing, to support the processing environment that will perform great for each firm. Clients might choose a single delivery methodology or a combination of delivery alternatives for diverse solutions. Signature clients throughout America, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific represent a number of the foremost innovative institutions in their respective markets.

Benefits of Fiserv Signature

Signature is a robust, comprehensive retail and commercial banking tool designed for banks that view technology differently.

  • By offering a holistic picture of customer accounts, relationships, and interactions, you can boost the quality and efficiency of your customer service and channel interactions.
  • Provide enhanced assessment of customer profitability, develop customer-level reports, and apply pricing and products tailored to each customer.
  • Function efficiently and rapidly develop new products and services to compete effectively with local peers, regional competitors, and national brands.
  • Integrate heterogeneous systems and applications to protect your IT investment’s value and accommodate mergers and acquisitions.
  • We serve customers rapidly and effortlessly at a branch, a call center, an ATM, an interactive voice response system, or online.

Benefits of Fiserv Signature International

Signature International is a flexible and cost-effective account processing solution that is highly scalable in mid-tier and prominent institutions in over 40 countries. Signature is connected with best-of-breed Fiserv solutions for a complete enterprise-wide banking solution that provides our clients with a wide range of functionality and flexibility. Signature is best fitted to commercial and retail banks, and it may be adopted on an in-house or outsourced basis.

Signature is a multilingual, dynamic, real-time, 24/7, multicurrency, multichannel banking industry developed to deal with the business requirements of today’s banks. Signature is a comprehensive, scalable environment for bank processing that automates customer relationship management, product design, transaction processing, and financial management. You can offer more than ever before, tailored to your specific demands, thanks to its flexible and integrated structure.

Signature allows agile banking by removing the need for traditional release and testing processes, allowing you to bring products and services to market rapidly and efficiently with:

  • Feature packs allow for more frequent, incremental updates while avoiding the price and time of a complete release upgrade.
  • Test scripts that are updated with each feature pack.
  • An integration platform that enables you to connect different systems by quickly integrating third-party systems with Signature.
  • An upgrade-while-active facility allows you to modify the system while it is still operational, minimizing downtime to business operations.
  • Continuous processing enables you to provide 24/7 customer service.

Companies that use Fiserv Signature

Company Name Website Contact Number Revenue
Arvest Bank (417) 627-8000 557 Million
First National Bank LI (631) 752-1000 $122 Million
NBT Bank (607) 337-6136 $338 Million
Northwest Bank (814) 723-9696 $20 Million
Boston Private (617) 912-1900 $360 Million

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