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IT management software significantly reduces the complexity of the larger projects and enables greater collaboration among the team members. It streamlines the simple tasks into an automated one for faster results. Some of the processes that take place with the help of this software, are change management, incident management, release management, problem management, knowledge management, among others.

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IT Management Software Market Share (%)

Company Name Market Share
Nagios 56.0%
Zabbix 20.6%
ELK 7.4%
Cadvisor, Prometheus, Grafana 3.5%
Newrelic 2.3%
Icinga 1.9%
Site 24*7 1.2%
Cloud Watch 1.2%
Influxdb, Grafana, Graphite 1.2%
PRT G 0.8%
Zenoss 0.8%
AppDynamics 0.8%
Sensu 0.4%
Check_mk 0.4%
EFK 0.4%
Other 1.1%

Companies Using IT Management Software (Sample Data)

Company Name Website Country
Untangle Inc. United States
Bitnetix United States
GTD Group United States
Harbor Compliance United States
CareFirst Advantage, Inc. United States

It even helps in the unification of different projects leading to better management. The user can have a clear overview of the entire functioning and track the comprehensive activities executed in the databases and other networking devices. The different features of IT management are hardware inventory, compliance management, software inventory, scheduling, license management, IT budgeting and many more.

The IT management and responsibilities include:
  • Controlling the system and the network security
  • Determining the business requirements
  • Providing the technical or help desk support
  • Managing the IT budget and costs
  • Implementing the hardware, software, and data systems
  • Monitoring the safety and compliance
The benefits of the IT Management software are:
  • It modernizes the IT operations and management
  • Offers AI and cognitive computing
  • It improves satisfaction with IT
  • It increases profitability
  • The software helps in standardization and integration
  • It improves the visualization
  • It reduces the time and effort
  • Better project reporting