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Twilio allows to receive and make phone calls with the help of Amazon web services. It provides the connectivity between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and HTTP. The software follows a set of architectural design principles for protection against any unexpected outages. Twilio supports the development of the open-source software for making contributions to the open-source community. With the help of Twilio, businesses and developers can make the communications contextual by embedding voice, authentication, and video directly into the applications.

Benefits that Twilio customers get are it has an intelligent workflow engine, provides an omnichannel experience, good workflow optimization, and programmability.

Twilio offers API for phone service and makes the sending, receiving of the SMS an easy one. Some of the top companies that use Twilio in their tech stack are Reddit, Airbnb, and Uber. With our Twilio customers list, you can quickly plan your multichannel marketing efforts to maximize ROI and revenue generation.

Companies that use Twilio

Company Name Website Location Revenue
Airbnb airbnb.com United States $4.81 billion
American Red cross www.redcross.org United States $2 Billion
Dell www.dell.com United States $105 Billion
Hulu www.hulu.com United States $4 Billion
Lyft medtronic.com United States $2 Billion

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