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Potent email marketing trends for your brand

Potent Email Marketing Trends For Your Brand

2021 showed perseverance is the key to success.

We learned -when you have the zeal to succeed, you can even move the mountains. Coming to the business scenario, most organizations witnessed their sales hitting rock bottom. Even the large enterprises struggled to adapt themselves to the unprecedented events occurring across the world. This is something new and complex that humanity never saw before.

But as they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel; 2022 is a new beginning for the whole world.

While the danger is not over yet, but it has shown we need to learn the tactics to survive just as every species in a wild jungle.

Unlearn the established practices which are no longer relevant in the present world.

As a marketer, you might feel like falling back on your safety net-the known and tested old practices but remember, every obsolete practice needs to go for the higher good!!!

So, reset the whole process to a new and best one.

We have some of the best email marketing trends that could act as an oxygen generator for your marketing process:

Unclenching The Empathy Within You:

It’s just not always about “you.” As a marketer, you need to align your business interest with the interest of others.

No customer would like the service from a brand that just pushes their product towards them.

And why would they? They have their own interest and would consider your product/service if they feel like it would serve their interest.

Find one of the examples:

Elle Jhonson

Image Courtesy: Email design

This botanical-based luxury skincare product company that offers skincare solutions for women of colour, perfectly modified the content tone to get along with their customers. They know they have to show their human side to make the right connection with them in the present times.

If analysed deeply, we all are in the same boat right now and need to help the other person for the benefit of all.

Aligning With The Law:

Now, there are instances where customers are bombarded with a huge number of spam emails. These emails are of no significance to the recipients, but still, they are pestered many times. As a marketer, one should abide by the different regulations that have been introduced to protect the interest of the recipients.

The CAN-SPAM law has the rule that you should clearly state that your email content is an advertisement so that busy customers don’t get frustrated after opening the email.

Find one of the best examples:

Image Courtesy: Campaignmonitor

You can see here, the brand clearly mentioned in the subject line,” Get 20% off all eye shadow!”
You should respect your customer’s needs and if the person isn’t interested in buying any product, it’s no point deceiving them with irrelevant subject lines.

Working Tandem With Marketing Automation:

It happens very often to anybody; when you’re overloaded with much work, your brain switches off and forgets many essential tasks. Now it shouldn’t be the case in an email campaign. As here, you need to be alert to outreach customers before your competitor does.

Also, your process won’t deliver the results you desired for, when your emails aren’t connecting the right way with customers. Marketing automation takes away much off the repetitive workload from your task list. You can take the example of welcome email, birthday email, anniversary email; all these are different for every customer that needs to be triggered at the right time.

This solution also helps in the personalization of emails for every customer and in some cases, in every region. For example, you’re a food production company and want to promote your products in countries such as America and Israel then you need to understand their food habits. If you’re aren’t aware, then almost 0.6% of United States population are allergic to peanuts, that’s due to their hyperactive immune systems, while in Israel, you would find the people just love their peanuts.

Would you promote your peanut product the same way in US as you would do in Israel? Obviously no…

And this task could be taken over by marketing automation that segregates and personalizes the email as per the region.

Hopefully, for US customers, your company could promote marshmallows, maple syrup, bacons!!!!

Bright Visuals Or Interesting Stats In Email Marketing:

Customers just love visuals in an email campaign. We all know how we get much attracted to the visual piece of content than compared to a written piece. Visuals help you grasp the message much better and faster.

For instance, if you mention email is 40 times more effective in acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter, in a written piece, it won’t garner much attention than the image below:

Why use email marketingImage Courtesy: Braintley Agency

It just holds your attention and conveys the message clearly.
Likewise, you can add the visuals related to email promotion in the content:

Photography book club
Image Courtesy: Campaignmonitor

Here, you can see how visuals complement the subject matter and make the email content interesting.

A Simple Email Marketing Message:

Simplicity is the best thing in any email marketing campaign. If you have seen some email campaigns by brands, you must have noticed that they make it loud to attract the attention of the recipient. While it’s not wrong, but if analysed, you must know, customers are more attracted to simple emails in the current scenario. They want to connect more with brands that are genuine and straight to the point instead of beating around the bush.

Find one of the fine examples in the below email:

LoftImage Courtesy: Miro Medium

As you can see in this email, the brand has crafted a simple message just mentioning “now click” as the CTA. The recipient is taken to the CTA via the arrow mentioning “Do look down.” The message is clear and simple and no complex sentences are used, making it all simple for the reader.

If you’d be the recipient, won’t you like to have such emails in your inbox?

It’s a delight for any reader to go through the message that is to the point.

Have Your Unique Design:

Every brand has its strength and one needs to project that strength. You can do it so in your email campaign as well.

So, how do you proceed?

It’s very easy- while designing for any email campaign you need to keep the essence of your brand in mind. This would lead to a stage where you’d design any email campaigns perfectly without deviating from the main message of the brand.

Kelvin CleinImage Courtesy: Miro Medium

This is one of the best examples, where the marketer perfectly kept the message aligned with the brand style and essence. The email included the message “style updates to wear to work,” and it has showcased the wear for all the weekdays starting from Monday to Friday. At the end, you can see the message to motivate the recipients, ”final hours,” “free shipping.” This just leads the recipient to take the right action at the right time.

A famous quote by Bob Frady shows the importance of brand email marketing:

“Not enough talk about the importance of brand in email. Customers don’t sign up for email- they sign up for your brand.”

Thus, you see how showing up your brand in a positive light could be a game-changer for your business. And all you can do this with the help of brand email marketing.


Email marketing is the ultimate strategy in many organizations. With its ability to reach a broader customer group across the world, it could generate the revenue you are looking for.

As per a recent finding, 21% of the emails are just opened within the first hour of delivery.With the integration of the right tactics, trends and practices your email could be on that positive side.

This blog covers some of the ground-level trends that you need to update in your email campaign. With this, you could maintain a good relationship with your customers and also could attract new prospects.

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