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4 successful email design tips

4 Successful Email Design Tips

The right color for the right email. Does it sound strange?

Then you must check the latest trends and tactics which marketers are using for designing an email. Colors have an important role in developing an attractive email template. Along with colors, you should have accurate content, images, etc. that helps readers in distinguishing:

  • What is the purpose of your organization?
  • What are your product and services?

Designing an email template with unique ideas and colors makes your business email stand out from the rest of the emails. It necessarily does not mean that colors have to be too loud or you have to use varying colors in a single email template.

B2B customers need emails which are simple and have the right business communication. The emails should provide value or have a purpose, motivating the recipient for a Call-To-Action. A useful Call-To-Action guides the customer on the right path and pushes him to purchase your service.

Find out some of the useful email design tips:

1. Keep It Simple:

Simple and high-value content always go hand-in-hand and hit the right chord with the potential customer. You might have heard many times on various circumstances, “keep it simple.” Many of the marketers go overboard and develop emails filled with many colors, complicated designs, etc. confusing the recipient. When an email is incomprehensible, most of the recipients lose their attention easily.

It should be kept in mind that everyday recipients receive thousands of email, making it difficult to focus on every mail. Most of the emails would be highly cluttered without any clear message, creating a negative image of the company. You should create an email template which is simple, attractive, and conveys the message easily to the recipient.

Let’s decode the impact of color, which is worth a thousand words:

  • Blue: It’s associated with reliability and tranquility. Customers always look for products or services which are trustworthy and reliable. For this reason, they are subconsciously attracted towards brands which associate themselves with blue color. Some of the conservative brands promote the trust factor through their products.
  • Green: It’s associated with health and nature. The color stimulates the harmony in the brain, creating an environmental balance around you.
  • Red: The color develops a sense of urgency among the audience. Many of the high-value brands are known to use this color to increase the sales at peak season.

Companies like McDonald are known to use colors like red and yellow, which appeal to children and youngsters. It facilitates a sense of urgency and kindles the appetite. Starbucks uses the color green to promote a sense of relaxation at their cafes during stressful days.

So now you understand the importance of colors for promoting the brand. Developing a professional email template with bright colors, aligned with the goals of your organization can have a powerful impact on the customer’s attention, thus increasing the sales and revenue.

2. Call-To-Action:

Call-To-Action is an essential step in an email marketing campaign where the readers are motivated to take action. As per the research, it has been found that the left side of the page gets more attention than the right side. So as to draw the attention of the recipient, one has to position the CTA on the top left side of the email. You can even position a second CTA at the bottom of the email, which is for the subscribers who will make their way till the end of the mail.

3. Images And Text:

Images have a key role to play in any email marketing campaign. Balancing the right image and content can make your email campaign look clean and interesting for your readers. As per a research, it’s been found that most of the readers focus on the images than the text.

Developing an optimized email template with the right images and text will provide an interesting look for your business email. As a marketer, you have to strategize your plan and create an effective mail where the recipient receives the email with images and instructions such as “alt text.” The “alt text” message is for the email recipients where the images do not get loaded in the reader’s email.

4. Headers, Footers & Titles:

Titles are crucial while designing an email. Without an attractive title, recipients will never be interested in opening an email. If you make a good headline, then it automatically attracts the recipient’s attention.

A clean header is breaking the content of the main message, appropriately placing it, and highlighting the crucial ideas of the campaign. Footers content is to be placed at the end of the mail, where you can provide your contact information. Here is the chance for connecting with your royal subscribers. It’s always good to have subscribers that want your information for building stronger personal relationships and in promoting word-of-mouth marketing, than the ones who are not interested.


Email marketing is an evergreen marketing strategy which will continue to generate high revenue and sales for the organization. As a B2B marketer, you have to develop an email which not only motivates the recipient to open the email and read it, but also helps in maintaining good customer relationship.

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