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10 Guidelines to Improve Customer Experience in Small Business

All the organizations strive for better customer experience, and no single experience can be rated as the best. As per a survey, it has been found that 75.9% of the companies have rated customer experience as the high priority for their businesses.


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Each of the businesses has different strategies for improvising their customer experience, and they try to make it different from the best possible ways.

Customer satisfaction, which comes via customer experience, has become a necessity in the current market scenario. With increased competition, small businesses face a dual challenge of retaining the old customers and attracting the new ones; where the existing customers are bound to stay if they are satisfied with the service.

As per the research by the American Express, it has been found that 60% of the customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. A study even found that companies which earn $1 billion annually can earn an additional $700 million within 3 years, by investing in customer experience.

If you are looking to improve customer experience in your business, find out some of the best guidelines here:

1. Getting The Real-Time Feedback At The Earliest:

To improve the customer experience, you need to gather the feedback from your customers. They are the ones who can provide you with the right answers and help in improving your services and marketing strategy.

As a marketer, you must be aware of many such customers who never give feedback to the organizations but post it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. You have to connect with such customers at the right time, collect their feedback, and assure them of better service in the future. Many times it might be hard to accept the crude feedback provided by some of the customers, but remember it would only help in improvising your service!!!!

2. Setting Up Your Customer Experience Analytics:

Customer service is often thought of as an entirely customer-facing department, but that is a misconception. In reality, customer service data can be stored and utilized further to analyze and understand every small preference of your customer.

You can provide a better service or product to your customers by knowing them via “what they do” and “what they say.” This is also called as behavioral-based analytics.

3. Understanding Your Customer’s Real Needs:

You have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to get the right insight and answers to the challenges which your customer have been facing.

  • What are their concerns?
  • How will your product or service going to help their business?

When you get to the core issue, then automatically you can find the solutions helping their business.

4. Analyzing & Fixing The Problem Before It Happens:

While developing a product or service, every organization wants to give outstanding customer experience. Some of the best ways to give an outstanding customer experience are to predict the problem before it happens and fix it at the earliest. This is a complicated scenario as predicting the problem needs extensive research and time, which becomes difficult in a time constraint organization, but to go the extra mile for your customer, can be beneficial in the long-run.

5. Creating An Emotional Connection With The Customers:

Customers react positively when you make an emotional connection with them. There has been a case where a leading online shoe retailer based in Las Vegas, Nevada created a strong emotional connection with the customer. The customer was late in returning a product as his mother passed away during that time. When the organization came to know about the incident, it took care of the return shipping and the next day send a bouquet of flowers, a condolence note to the customer.

We all tend to connect with the other person when an emotional connection is created, and organizations which have successfully understood this need can only make a strong rapport with the customer.

6. Mastering Brand Loyalty:

A positive experience with customers will make them come back to your service again and again. It automatically also improves your chances of success as most of the customers will be loyal to the brand, which provides them with the best customer experience.

As a marketer, you have to master the art of developing brand loyalty among the customer. Engage them with fresh and creative advertisements so that you will always be on their top-of-the- mind.

7. Being Innovative:

Most of the customers do not want to understand the constraint which you have been facing. They want the solution at the earliest; in this scenario being innovative in finding solutions for their challenges can improvise your services. You can also use customer feedback in finding innovative solutions for real-time issues.

8. Value Proposition:

Adding value for your customers throughout the entire cycle of using the products or services is necessary. It’s not about product positioning but showing the customers how valuable they are for your organization.

9. Instagram Stories And Engagement:

There are a lot of Instagram stories which have created a buzz among the users. As a marketer, you can utilize this platform to communicate with customers after the sales service effectively. Not only this platform helps in improvising the customer experience, but also in attracting the attention of the new potential customers.

10. Hiring Employees With Excellent People Skills:

Customer-facing employees should have excellent people skills to handle queries and issues of the customer. For this, you need to hire people who have extraordinary people skills so that they can mingle with the customers and maintain a good relationship with them.


Customer experience plays a crucial role in planning the strategy of an organization. As it is the new brand, small businesses need to have an aggressive approach for making the customer experience a unique and pleasant one.

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