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Fortune 500 Companies Using ServiceNow

Cloud management entails in delivering databases, storage, software, analytics, intelligence, and networking. Thus it enables Fortune 500 companies to heavily rely on ServiceNow software.

Let us understand more in-depth about ServiceNow software and the productive elements that ServiceNow delivers to Fortune 500 companies.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software implemented to automate management workflows. It specializes in IT service operations for organizations.

Various Fortune 500 organizations exercise the ServiceNow cloud platform to streamline routine work tasks to enhance operational efficiency.  ServiceNow puts forward a flexible, cost-effective, scalable computing environment.

The platform is tailored for multiple forms of business processes, some of which are as follows:

  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Vendor management
  • Risk management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity planning
  • Corporate governance
  • Environmental
  • Audit

Harnessing the capacity to work for numerous industry sectors, 85% of the Fortune 500 companies have modernized their technology with ServiceNow.

It’s time to learn which organization is using ServiceNow.

List of Top 10 Fortune 500 companies using ServiceNow

1. General Electric (GE):


A multinational conglomerate acknowledged for developing solutions for sectors like healthcare and energy is renowned for using ServiceNow software. Recently, the organization has collaborated with Forestalia to install wind turbines, highlighting the organization’s commitment to sustainable progress. At the same time, the distinguished features of customer engagement and services assist pharmacists and healthcare professionals in running successful email marketing campaigns.


Industry Industrial conglomerate
Revenue USD 292 billion
CEO H. Lawrence Culp Jr.
Phone Number 1-800-435-4448
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States

2. Accenture:


It is an Irish-American professional servicing company specializing in IT services consulting and has stayed in touch with the usage of ServiceNow software in its business operations. The company embraced the spontaneous growing change of multiple sectors and created panoramic value for communities, partners, shareholders, and clients. They are presently global leaders in cloud, digital, and security solutions. In recent reports, Accenture has touched the 52 week high in the stock market, highlighting its growth trajectory. With all these successes, they have also launched a generative AI of excellence with Google Cloud. It showcases their zeal to deliver value to enterprises by producing cutting-edge technologies.

Website accenture.com
Industry Professional services, information technology consulting
Revenue USD 64.11 billion
CEO Julie Sweet
Phone Number 1 8778899009
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland

3. Coca-Cola:


For the last 137 years, it has been refreshing the world, helping it gain the reputation of a globally acclaimed beverage company. The famous carbonated drink “coke” sells in more than 200 countries, their unbreachable IT database secured with ServiceNow software. It also faces significant challenges from rival companies, for example, Vita Coco reaching a worth of $1.6 billion.

Website coca-colacompany.com
Industry Beverage
Revenue USD 43 billion
CEO James Quincey
Phone Number 1-800-438-2653
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States

4. AstraZeneca:


A reputed bio-pharmaceutical company dedicated to enhancing global health through innovative medicines has invested in ServiceNow software to boost their business deliverables. Their organization is headquartered in Cambridge, and the Anglo-Swedish multinational looks after significant challenges humankind faces while transforming the existing healthcare demographics. They partnered with Sanofi to deliver 230,000 RSV infant shots to the US markets. AstraZeneca continues unlocking science’s potential and impacting the planet, society, and people.

Website astrazeneca.com
Industry Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Revenue USD 44.995billon
CEO Pascal Soriot
Phone Number 0800 783 0033
Headquarters Cambridge, United Kingdom

5. 3M


It is another multinational conglomerate company known for creating innovative solutions for worker safety, healthcare industry, and consumer goods. The work of 3M at the heart of solutions is driven by science that exponentially impacts the lives of the global community and, on a larger scale, their IT is secured under the software of ServiceNow. Even though the organization made headlines by selling 50% of the equity stakes to combi packaging systems, its stock outperformed its competitors after enduring the losses. As a unity, the organization continues to unlock the power of science, ideas, and people.

Website 3m.com
Industry Manufacturer and distributor of industrial products and solutions
Revenue USD 35.355 billion
CEO Mike Roman
Phone Number 1-800-425-3030
Headquarters Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

6. Johnson & Johnson


The organization’s heart lies in science-based innovation to improve the trajectory of healthcare. For this reason, it has gained a renowned reputation as a leader in medical and pharmaceutical industries. The effective implementation of ServiceNow has resulted in the organization performing optimally in the market. The former MedTech head, Ashley McEvoy, has recently taken up board role in consumer goods and giants. Johnson & Johnson is a robust organization because of its commitment to health, which keeps it at the forefront of the industry.

Website jnj.in
Industry Pharmaceutical and medical technologies
Revenue USD 91.32 billion
CEO Joaquin Duato
Phone Number 000 800 1008 692
Headquarters New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

7. Microsoft:


An American multinational organization known for its extraordinary products and services, Microsoft has been witnessed utilizing ServiceNow software into their business operations. They keep inspiring organizations and individuals with gaming, apps, personal computers, and cloud computing. Their collection includes a range of products, including Windows, Xbox, Surface, and Microsoft 365, serving a vast segment of the target audience from personal usage to businesses. They have 13 million followers on social media platforms, showcasing their global influence and reach.

Website microsoft.com
Industry Information technology
Revenue USD 218.31 billion
CEO Satya Nadella
Phone Number 0124 415800
Headquarters Redmond, Washington, United States

8. 11:11 Solution:

It is a leading managed infrastructure solution provider that handles security challenges, connectivity, and addressing modern cloud all using ServiceNow from their backend. The organization spans Australia, Europe, and North America for clients and partners. They have even recently expanded their disaster recovery portfolio after they acquired Sungard. The highlight is that they are severely committed to providing effective and comprehensive solutions.

Website 1111systems.com
Industry Managed infrastructure solutions
Revenue USD 268.1 million
CEO Brett Diamond
Phone Number (800) 697-7088
Headquarters Fairfield, New Jersey, United States.

9. 3StepIT Group:

Headquartered in Finland, it is the leading sustainable IT lifecycle management services provider that has been a client to ServiceNow software for a while. They offer services like asset register and lease financing to manage IT devices more efficiently. The organization has been financing since 1997. The organization strives to have an innovative approach to technology management. It has led strategic alliances with renowned organizations all across the globe, and it continues to drive sustainable solutions for IT sectors.

Website 3stepit.com
Industry IT lifecycle management service
Revenue USD 694.2 million
CEO Jakob Lagander
Phone Number +358 105253200
Headquarters Finland

10. Verizon Communications:


It is a multinational telecommunication corporation  in America and is a global leader in communication and technology services. They cater to clients across the United States, offering secured internet, wireline voice and data, and wireless services using ServiceNow software which strengthen their backend configurations. Verizon’s unified communication services combine multiple tools for specific task coordination and seamless interaction. Their commitment to connectivity and innovation continues to drive global success.

Website verizon.com
Industry Technology and communications services
Revenue USD 136.835 billion
CEO Hans Vestberg
Phone Number 000-800-919-0418
Headquarters New York, New York, United States

Why Fortune 500 Companies Prefer ServiceNow

Why Fortune 500 Companies Prefer ServiceNow

Fortune 500 companies using ServiceNow have been capitalizing on the numerous advantages of the platform, and it has helped them gain a competitive edge in the market. The package of services and tools that come along with ServiceNow transforms how the enterprise functions.

  1. Efficient Workflow Management: ServiceNow is used to save time by streamlining manual tasks with workflow automation
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: ServiceNow provides enhanced client support, quick response time, and streamlined issue resolution.
  3. Real-time Visibility and Reporting: Data-driven decision-making for business leaders is crucial. Fortunately, it’s achievable with ServiceNow. It offers real-time insights into operational performance like no other.
  4. Agility and Scalability: ServiceNow is best for adapting to evolving business needs and significantly scaling with growth, helping Fortune 500 companies experience increased agility.
  5. Cost Efficiency: No resource waste is possible with ServiceNow, as optimized workflows and automation make it cost-effective.


Organizations like Microsoft and Coca-Cola use ServiceNow to enhance their operation efficiently and it sheds light on the fact that vast industries are looking for platform-as-service tools to cope with the operational expectations of modern organizations.

ServiceNow versatility in multiple dynamics caters to numerous business needs. Industry leaders’ from record-breaking IT services to life-saving pharmaceutical companies are impressed by ServiceNow’s capabilities. This adaptation reflects the platform’s effectiveness, simultaneously underscoring its pivotal role in modernizing corporate operations. For enterprises who develop provisions for ServiceNow, using a ServiceNow customer list will open the portal of increased profitability.

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