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Success Story of Huawei | Milestones & Achievements

Ren Zhengfei’s famous slogan “we shall drink to our heart’s content to celebrate our success, but if we should fail let’s fight to our utmost until we all die” was a motivation for its employees in contributing their best for the company’s growth story.
Success Story of Huawei Milestones & Achievements

Huawei’s Mission, Vision & Objective

  • Providing the best ICT solutions and creating maximum value for the customers
  • To enrich life via communication
  • To become the top ICT vendor across the world
  • The company was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei
  • The mission of the company was to provide consulting and operation services to the enterprises in China
  • It started off as a sales agent and produced private branch exchange switches
  • The company got into R&D within a few years
  • R&D of the company is spread in UK, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, and others
  • Breakthrough was in 1993 when it launched C&C08 program controlled by the telephone switch
  • In 1994 it gained the contract for building the national telecommunications network
  • In 1999 opened an R&D center in Bangalore, India for developing the telecom software
  • By the year 2010, almost 80% of the premium telecom companies worked with Huawei

Huawei’s Path To Be A Billionaire

  • Minimizing Management Cost: Managed to cut down the costs as both employees and managers worked from a small office which served as a dormitory as well as kitchen
  • Ensuring High-Quality Output: Huawei ensured that the output is of high-quality which the other Chinese companies completely ignored
  • Worldwide Market Expansion: From the year 1996-2000, Huawei spent around US$150 million on the transition.
  • Employee Dedication: Every employee in Huawei is given freedom for the development of the company motivating them to become more competitive
  • Customer First-Attitude: Huawei’s employees have a customer-first attitude where they give priority to their customers over their boss.
  • Decision Making – Slow & Steady: Ren Zhengfei is known to analyze in detail before going ahead in any decision. The company gives importance to the power of thinking, a valuable policy for the company’s philosophy.
  • Long-term Thinking: The long-term thinking of the management with the policy employee ownership arrangement helps in retaining the Huawei’s dedicated employees


  • Awarded with “European Consumer Smartphone 2015-2016” by the EISA
  • It’s the first Chinese company to be ranked in Interbrand’s top 100 best global brands in 2015
  • It was positioned 16th in the “Global Top 100 most valuable brands” by BrandZ in 2015

Huawei Focusses On Sustainability Through


1. Digital Inclusion

  • It wants technology to be accessible for all
  • Customized ICT applications for a thriving ecosystem
  • Wider and easier connectivity for all

2. Security

  • Privacy protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supporting network stability
  • Transparency

3. Harmonious Ecosystem

  • Care for the employees
  • Risk management
  • Community responsibilities
  • Supply chain responsibilities
  • Business ethics

4. Environmental Protection

  • Green operations
  • Green product
  • Green world
  • Green partners

Where Huawei Stands Today?

  • Huawei’s worldwide revenues were $105.1 billion in 2018, and in Q1 2019 revenues were at US$26.76 billion.
  • Huawei’s mobile vendor market share in Europe in July 2019 was 17.75%
  • Huawei as the second-largest phone maker, had a net profit margin of 8.7% on 401.3 billion Yuan of revenue, which is $58.3 billion, for the first six months in 2019.
  • The next product of Huawei- It will release a cheap phone powered by its Hongmeng OS by the end of 2019.
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