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Interactive Email the Immortal Tactic

Interactive Email Tactics

The struggle is real.

Yes, in the current business scenario, consumers are rejecting subpar products, making marketers work hard. But it’s just not the offering that needs to be refined; one needs to optimize their marketing approach.

You can develop the best products, but if their qualities are not displayed to the customers, they won’t know about your product.

As per a finding:

60% of consumers stated they purchased due to marketing email.

So, don’t you think, as a marketer, you should emphasize more on the interaction part?

Once you master the trick of developing interactive emails, it becomes easier to garner the right results for your process.

Let’s First Understand What Interactive Email Is?

Interactive emails are the marketing messages sent to the recipients through the email marketing channel. The main aim is to rightly engage them with the content and motivate them to take the right action.

The elements that one can include in the interactive email are:
• Polls, surveys, reviews
• Videos
• GIFs
• Personalized content
• Discussion through forums

The more you keep the content interactive, the higher your chances of conversion. You should always look for the answer from the other end to know whether they are grasping your message.

Now it’s universal truth customers won’t read your content or engage unless the message aligns with their interest, requirements, or at least has the fun element.

As nicely stated by Tim Frick:
“In this age of microblogging and two-second sound bites, almost no one has the attention span, or time, to read more than a few sentences.”

Marketers have to look into all the aspects so that they can design the best email that connects with a broader group of customers and keeps the interaction process going.

Some of the best tactics that one can use in an interactive email are:

Offering The Choice To The Customers:


Image Courtesy: designmodo

This is a good example of an interactive email, where the brand is motivating the recipient to take action. “Click to switch between modes,” the standard, large text, contrast are the modes mentioned in the content. Thus, you see the recipients here surely need to click any of the options for a better user experience.

You need to put some action-oriented content in the email, that would make the customers active. A 2-way communication is the key to a healthy conversation, taking you on the right path.

Spotlight On The Content:

Sometimes recipients would be reading the content, but their minds won’t be there. It might be due to a busy schedule or other priorities. So, here you need to pull their attention towards your content.

Find the example below:

Litmus InteractiveImage Courtesy: Litmus Interactive

Here in this content, you can see, a continuous blinking of the top content with the location name- Boston, London, San Francisco. With that, you can see the arrow hovering around the content. It just makes the content more appealing to the audience. You can see here the arrow then moves around other content such as London early bird tickets with more details, likewise in the Boston tickets, San Francisco regular tickets.

The content is functional, you can say it is designed for success. The goal here is to take the customer through the entire details to make the right decision.

Put Your Product Page:

Your strength lies in your product or service. You need to highlight it very often so that customers get to know about it.

This you can do by including the product page in the email and sending it to the recipient. Make it as interactive as possible so that recipients don’t feel bored.

Find the below example:

Image Courtesy: sendpulse

In this email, you can see the brand has mentioned the services, and just beside it has clearly mentioned the services, prices in detail.

Adding Social Media With Email Content:

Social media gels well with an email to provide an interactive content. We are aware most customers like to read social media content, so why not make the email interactive and lead them to the other content on social media.

Find the below example:

JiltImage Courtesy: jilt

Just as you can see here in the content, this email makes the content relatable and effective. Besides that, the brand included social media icons in the content.

GIF And Products:

GIF and products make a good combination for an interactive email. We should know customers like to view products or services that let them imagine how the product works or how the service would help them. Adding moving images in the email tends to attract the audience.

Find the example below:


Image Courtesy: Jackthreads

Here in this email, you can see how the GIF and the product page showcase the right content. It motivates the customer to click more content and check how it is useful for them.

Video-Calling Email:

Ever heard of video-calling email?

Yes, it is a unique concept. Now, you know videos keep the customers engaged, but it takes the process to a new level, when you motivate them to join the video call. This idea was experimented by one of the brands. Find below how they executed it:


Image Courtesy: email uplers

In this video, you can see the marketer designed the content where the brand wishes their customers for Christmas, in a completely innovative way. Just as the recipient opens the email and checks the content, they see the message “click to join the call.” And when they click, Santa appears, wishing the audience, “Merry Christmas.”

Isn’t it something amusing?

A fun element just lightens up the mood and makes the email more interactive.

Story-Telling In An Email:

A good story makes children happy, so is it something different for adults?

It still sets the ambiance for interesting and engaging communication. As an organization, you need to add content that helps your recipient’s business purpose. Let them imagine the scenarios where they were even struggling to generate sales and how they overcame it, or if it is a start-up, revolve the content how your service can be a boon for their business to thrive in the market, etc.

It can also be like mentioning how your values lies in your product, just as the below brand did:


Image Courtesy: spcdn

The brand supports fresh materials to build a product and they even mentioned all of it is made by hand. Quite a strong statement!!!

Now, this is all how one can design an interactive email. But one should know that every email needs to be tested to get an idea of which of these interactive emails give you the best results. Once you find that, it becomes very easy to connect with the audience.

The overall advantages that you get from interactive email are it helps in improved sharing, increased user engagement, customer feedback, personalization, better conversion rates and many more. It just takes your business to succeed at the right time.


We all love communicating, if not more, to a specific extent. Without the right interaction, personal and professional relationships can’t be nurtured. In the B2B marketing scenario, same holds the truth. In this blog, you know how you can engage your customer and make the relationship much stronger via interactive emails.

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