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Tips To Maximize The Success For Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is the best revenue generator for B2B organizations, so when it fails, it significantly impacts the revenue of any organization. As a marketer, you should ensure that the right tactics are implemented to make each of your email campaigns successful.

With intensive competition, businesses are sending a good number of emails to the recipients leading to the overflow of their inboxes. Most of the recipients do not check the emails, and delete it at one look.

So, how do you reach out to these potential customers?

This has bothered many marketers for a long time, including you…

Find out the right tips to maximize the success of your email campaign:

1. Eradicate Spelling Errors:

This might sound funny to you, but it can impact the success of your email campaign.

A small error can change the meaning of the entire sentence, warding off the reader.

For example, if you send an email to the recipient and in the opening line instead of mentioning,

“Dear Robert” you mention “Dead Robert”

What do you think would be the impact on the reader?

Of course, not good!!!

This, although a small mistake, but surely can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Image Courtesy: GIPHY

2. Do Not Use Offensive Content:

If there are other minor errors, readers might forgive, but the readers rarely forgive the offensive content. Check the below example:

Image Courtesy: zapier

Offensive content might lead the reader to open the email, but later on, they would lose the trust on you. These types of content are considered inappropriate and super aggressive. “You are fired” or “23 people who may be getting fired today”.

A long-term relationship with the customer is built on the trust, and when you cannot maintain that trust, you are bound to fail in your next email campaign miserably.

3. Avoid Email With Only Images:

Have you ever tried developing email with only images?

Do not commit this mistake!!!

There are high chances that it would backfire. What would happen if the image links break or someone’s settings are image off in a mobile? An image heavy email can also be considered as the spam email by the filters.

4. Include At Least One Image In The Email:

An email that does not have at least one image fails to hold the attention of the reader. As emails having only text link deviates the attention of the recipient, it leads to lesser clicks than emails having at least one image.

5. Frequency Of The Emails Should Be Planned:

When you do not plan the intervals of your email, then you end up sending too many emails or fewer emails to your potential customers.

As per the report by DMA, one should follow the below pattern to garner better results:

Image Courtesy: CoSchedule

  • Sending emails once per month- 18% (B2B), 3% (B2C)
  • 4-5 times per month- 25% (B2B), 30% (B2C)
  • 2-3 times per month – 37% for both B2C and B2B
  • 6-8 times per month- 11% (B2C), 7% (B2B)
  • More than 8 times in a month- 14% (B2C), 5% (B2B)

As per a finding a lot of subscribers unsubscribe from the email newsletter as they receive too many emails:

Image Courtesy: GetApp

So, as a marketer, you should plan how often you want to send emails to your potential customers. This would lessen the unsubscribe rate, as recipients would feel happy to receive your email instead of getting annoyed.

6. Timing Of The Email Should Be Planned:

You should plan the timing of the email, as well. As per the data from the HubSpot, it is found that emails sent at 11 A.M got the highest number of open rates. That does not conclude that it is the perfect time to send an email. You should keep experimenting by sending emails at different times for checking which one works best for your service and organization as a whole.

7. Don’t Be Too Pushy:

Avoid pushy emails as it might give an idea of overtly sales email, which most of the recipients do not like.

Selling too hard should be avoided at any cost.

In today’s competitive world, where marketers are grappling to acquire each other’s customers, many of them end up sending a clear sales email. This can turn off your customers. Develop an email that looks professional, and at the same time, subtly conveys your message.

8. Don’t Forget To Segment Your Customers:

How can you forget segmentation? Do not forget to segment your customers. As said by one of the marketers, Michael Cohen, “marketing is much more effective when the message is rightly targeted.”

Along with the demographic information, such as age and gender, one needs to understand the behavioral data of the customers based on their past purchases, seasonal purchase, etc. Catering to the needs of every customer is essential for an organization. Have a look at the below image to check how email segmentation helped in better results:

Image Courtesy: QUICKSPROUT

You will get more revenue, and sales, while also increasing the transaction, customer retention, and acquisition rate.

9. Including A Clear Call-To-Action:

Including a clear Call-To-Action should be the top priority for any marketer. Whether you want your customers to buy the product, or want them to follow you on Twitter or Instagram, you should have a clear Call-To-Action for it.

CTAs are the powerful buttons that separate a good email from a great email. A great email has all the necessary components with the Call-To-Action button, so that the recipient can understand what next action to be taken.

Image Courtesy: Sleeknote


Now, there is no ambiguous answer to the question,” How to maximize the success of your email campaign” One has to layout a perfect plan to connect with their potential customer at the right time. A better open rate and click-through rate are the initial steps to measure the success of your email campaign, which later leads to higher conversion rates for the organization.

Email marketing, although an old method for communicating with the customer, is the established and proven one for producing better business results. As a marketer, you should find the right technique and tactic so that you can instantly hit the right chord with them.

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