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Warning signs

Warning Signs: Your Email is Warding Away Your Subscribers

How do you know that your email campaign has tanked?

It’s as simple, when you receive less open and click-through rate!!!

The lesser the above results, the lesser the chances of conversion rate, which an email marketer would never wish to have.

Experiments are necessary while executing any marketing plan, but as they say, prevention is better than cure, you should also be ready to read early warning signs for preventing your email campaign to falter miserably. For a failed campaign, there could be many reasons. Some of them, your email had not been crafted well enough to suit the taste of your audience, or your email content was too pushy and overly promotional, thus scaring away your subscribers.

There are common mistakes which many marketers commit daily, and need to be avoided for achieving a good success rate. Find out some of the mistakes, which can terrify your subscribers:

1). Using Shocking Clickbait Subject Lines:

Using shocking clickbait subject lines is popular among some marketers, but it could backfire significantly, resulting losses in the long-run. The recipient will lose the trust on your brand, after they realize that you are using this as a tactic for tempting and making them click on their email.

You should never deviate from the right subject line. As a marketer, try developing innovative email subject line with the related email body content. A false or misleading title will lead you nowhere!!! So, is the case with the repeated subject lines to get attention as shown below:

Clickbait subject lines
Image Courtesy: WinBound
You have to keep in mind that your subscribers were interested in your services, that’s the reason they subscribed for it, so if you just develop an irrelevant or loud subject line to get an impressive open rate, then you would surely reap negative results in future.

2). Treating All The Subscribers The Same Way:

A fact, each one of us is unique, so is your subscriber, thus you should never treat all your subscribers the same way.

You would have developed personalized email for each of the subscribers based on their preferences, and web behavior, but re-segmenting these subscribers again based on their precise personal data could help you in a better connection with the recipient.

As rightly said by the CEO of the Privy.com:

“Map your customer journey. Then remove the barriers that prevent customers from hitting those goals.”

When as a marketer, you allow the data to lead the way, it means you are listening and trying to understand the needs of your audience. You want to find the right solution for your customer, for a seamless customer experience.

Every sent email, increases the chances of the learning process when you are trying to maximize the results from your email campaign, so develop a unique and outstanding email as per the needs of each of the recipients.

3). Focusing Only On Your Brand Promotion:

Every organization wants to vigorously promote their service or product to get the right attention of their recipient. While as a marketer, you would think it is the right way to get maximum exposure, but in reality, it might put off the majority of the subscribers.
B2B Cold Sales EmailImage Courtesy: crunchbase
Just as you can see in the email, the marketer was good in the opening line, but later on, he went on promoting the services and products of his organization, ”we are……” In the email body, you should explain how your services can make their business better and help in achieving their targets. This, instead of only “ME, ME,” shifts the focus to “your requirements, your benefits, your objectives, your target, etc.”

You should never appear desperate in pushing your products to the customers. Email marketing is used as a medium for conveying the message to the subscribers and other potential customers, so make the right usage of it by aligning your service with their requirements and providing educational information in email than just developing an overtly-promotional sales email.

4). Not Providing The Information For Which They Subscribed For:

This is a blunder, as subscribers will be hugely disappointed, when you do not provide the information for which they subscribed for. As a marketer, you should nurture the relationship with your existing customer, and help them to achieve their objectives with the right kind of information.

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Now, do not be mortified of your failed email campaign, if you get any…

Image Courtesy: GIPHY
This blog clearly explains the common mistakes to be avoided at any cost. Marketers underestimate their subscribers and send emails, which, instead of maintaining the relationship, scares them away. Building a quality email list takes a considerable amount of time and effort; it should be appropriately used for the right business communication and future profits. By taking lessons from the above blog, you can significantly increase conversions from your email campaign.

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