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Do Not Ignore These Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

2019 has been the year of innovations for digital marketing. There has been a significant rise in chatbots, video marketing, Omni channel marketing, and artificial intelligence this year. This is going to rise further in 2020, as well.

As a marketer, you have to adopt the latest trends and practices to reach a wider audience and improve business results. The adage “survival of the fittest” perfectly fits the scenario; it becomes necessary for a marketer to integrate these trends in their business process for reaping the desired outcome.

Some of the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2020 are:

1). Live Video:

Live video is one of the valuable media for attracting a broader audience. It is increasingly becoming a popular star as a digital marketing trend, whether it is the musicians, celebrities, or sportsperson all of them have a live stream with an influencer for interacting directly with comments. The spontaneity of the live streaming is a major attraction as it keeps the audience engaged.

2). Geo-Marketing:

Businesses have been using geo-marketing for a while now, but the necessity for more accurate and precise results has led to the usage of more advanced technologies, such as geo-fencing. The technology helps to bring businesses closer to their customers.


Image Courtesy: Propellant Media

Geo-fencing which is defined with the code of the mobile application has to opt-in way of location targeting. Mobile is known to be inherently location-based, and geo-fencing helps the marketers to connect with their users whenever they want.

3). Personalization By Country:

If you want to stand out in the market, then you have to make a unique marketing strategy. One of the digital marketing trends, which have proven to be effective is personalization. Many high-end companies are developing personalized content to outreach their audience in different countries as shown below here:

Image Courtesy: Emirates UK


Image Courtesy: Emirates Indonesia

The other example is of Cadbury Dairy Milk, which creates personalized video campaigns to match the theme of the Dairy milk flavor in every country.

4). Conversational Marketing:

There are many benefits of implementing conversational marketing as you can see in the below image:

Image Courtesy:Chatbots Magazine

Conversational marketing has become one of the top choices in digital marketing, as it provides 24-hour service. It provides good customer experience as it resolves the complaints at the earliest.

Chatbots would empower 85% of the customer service by 2020, and it would help the businesses save over $8 billion per annum by 2022.

5). Voice Search:

Voice search is also a popular digital marketing trend. As per a finding by the year 2020, 50% of the queries would be voice-based.

As a digital marketer, you should give top priority to voice search, as the technology would also maximize the value of AI.

6). Visual Search:

Visual marketing is the next big thing as a digital marketing trend. The modern apps help in using your camera as a search tool. The Google lens can read the business cards, and identify the landmarks. The reviews, product prices, can be easily found with just a photo of the clothing.

This shift to visual search is not surprising, considering that there are over 600 million visual searches on Pinterest every month.

7). Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is widely used by beauty brands such as Madison Reed, L’Oreal, and Punky Color. These organizations have made the AR applications for virtual make-up.

AR which is a set of technologies superimposes the images and the digital data on the physical world. This is the main reason why technology spending on AR would hit $60 billion in the year 2020.

As digital marketing needs to engage the customer and raise brand awareness, AR significantly helps in reaching this requirement.

8). Influencer Marketing Would Go Mainstream:

Of late, we are witnessing an increase in influencer marketing, and in the future also, most of the brands would allocate a high budget than ever for this strategy. As influencer marketing reaches a new niche, marketers are going to utilize the complete potential of this process.

9). Messenger Ads Are On The Rise:

As per the Statista, over 2.01 billion mobile phone users were accessing the top messaging apps for communication in 2018, which is projected to reach around 2.48 billion users by the year 2021.

The below example is of an advertisement sent via Facebook messenger and it witnessed more than 50% of the open rate:

FB Messenger MarketingImage Courtesy: Sorav Jain

10). Shoppable Posts:

As you are aware that social media plays a huge role in the online and digital marketing process, shoppable posts would soon become a rage. As per a finding, 60% of the Instagram users said that they discovered a wide range of products on Instagram. Around 70% of the surveyed 4000 Pinterest users stated that they were able to find new products on Pinterest.

Take a look at the below example:

Social SellingImage Courtesy: Freepeople

The photo which was on Freepeople feed, when tapped shows the price of the product, the dress name and the complete picture of the dress. When the price is tapped, the user is taken to the screen where they can see more information and option for viewing the item on Free People site.

By utilizing this channel, you can reach more customers, thus reducing the barriers for purchase and significantly shortening the sales funnel.


The recent digital marketing trends are making a huge splash across different industries and organizations. With companies expanding their business across different continents and countries, it has become an absolute necessity for these organizations to adapt to the latest trends for sustaining in newer markets.

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