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powerful list building techniques

5 Powerful List Building Techniques

Building email lists have been a tough job for any organization. As competition in the B2B market intensifies, the demand for the quality mailing list has also increased. An accurate mailing service helps to increase the revenue and sales of the organization, as it facilitates in contacting the best customer who has a higher chance of a conversion.

You can try different techniques and practices relevant in the market, along with that, you can even study the tactics used by your competitors to be implemented for your marketing approach and expand the mailing list.

Find the 5 powerful list building techniques:

1. Engaging Content To Be Posted In Guest Posts:

Guest posts are some of the invaluable link building techniques. When you curate rich content for the guest blogs, it acts as one of the best inbound marketing strategies.

Some of the top challenges which a B2B marketer finds while developing content are producing engaging content and measuring the effectiveness of the content. You can approach the guest blog website with the knock-out ideas to keep the audience interested and keep wanting more.

Top Challenges for B2B Content Marketers

Image Courtesy: Neil Patel Blog

2. Enticing Landing Page:

An enticing landing page is half the battle won in the competitive market. Check the below example here:

Cocoon Spa

Image Courtesy: QuickSprout

When you entice your customers with interesting offers on the landing page itself, then they find it difficult to ignore.

Later on, you can then ask them the required questions to expand your mailing list.

Questions can include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Others(As per your requirement)

3. Welcome Mat:

Many are not aware of the welcome Mat. They are the mini landing pages. On the website, you have a landing page, and when you visit the other pages of the specific website, then these pop-ups, which are the mini landing pages, cover the entire screen of the device. They welcome the visitor to their website with a red carpet, or you can say with the Mat!!!!

Seo Strategy

Image Courtesy: wpmudev

It asks for complete attention from the visitor and CTAs for effective results. These CTAs, which are the sign-up forms, acts as a catalyst to increase your mailing list. Have a look at another example of the American ridesharing company, Uber:


Image Courtesy: wpmudev

Uber uses this attractive welcome Mat as a useful call-to-action. The creators of welcome Mat, AppSumo first tested this tool on their website before launching it in the market. They garnered as much as three times as many conversions for sign-ups.

If you are providing a good value proposition to the customers, then you will surely see sign-ups soaring through these welcome Mats.

4. Creating A Promotional Lead Magnet On Various Platforms:

This technique works in most of the scenarios. A giveaway always works in accelerating the list building.

Who does not want a free gift or offer?

Running the contest with the right prize to offer could be exciting for both the customer and marketer!!!

Start announcing on the social media platform, by running ads for increasing the reach even further. Cross-promotion on other platforms, your website, and newsletter help to create the right buzz. Set the right length of the contest and keep watching as the entries pour in for your giveaways.

Social Media Contest

Image Courtesy: sproutsocial

Contests on the social media platform are all about increasing the engagement, reaching the followers, and increasing your mailing list.

You can even decide how long the contest would last. The below image shows the best duration of a contest:


Image Courtesy: QuickSprout

As per the research, it has been found that the best time to get the maximum number of applicants are these two lengths of time.

5. Adding Sign-Ups To The Accounts On Social Media:

There are many social media sites that makes it easy to add a newsletter sign-up option on the social network page. As the majority of the population widely uses these sites, this tactic effectively works. Check the below example:

Newsletter Signups

Image Courtesy: WordStream


The list building process is a challenging one. As a marketer, you need to know the right technique and procedures that can make this process a seamless one. This blog would help marketers in creating a useful list building that helps in connecting with the right customer at the right time.

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