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Monthly roundup

Monthly Roundup Blog – Oct 2019

As a regular reader of our blogs, you would have come across many of our blogs that provide you with information about different email practices, which helps you to reach the right customer at the right time. With the competitive market scenario, you need to know the best email practice for effective conversion.

The below list includes the round-up of our best blogs, which would give you the right insights to enhance your marketing campaign:

1). 9 Enchanting Halloween Blooms For Your Marketing Garden:

Halloween, as one of the entertaining days popular in US, is gradually gaining popularity worldwide also. It is for this day, a large part of the population heavily shop and stock products to enjoy the day to the fullest. Festivities and other activities follow throughout the day for the entertainment.

Majority of the small businesses struggle to come up with the right promotional ideas to promote their business for this day. To overcome this challenge, one should implement innovative ideas for making their business stand out from the competition.

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2). Email Is Still Young, You Are Using Old Methods:

There has been a lot of talk about whether email marketing is dead or not in recent years. While time and again, it has been proved wrong, many of the marketers still claim it of not giving good results as before.

There is no doubt, email still holds the top position in reaching out to the best prospect at the right time; you just have to know the right approach of connecting with the prospect for starting a business conversation.

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3. How To Write A Perfect Sales Email:

A sales email can be seen as the deal-maker or deal-breaker. When you know the right strategy to craft the best sales email, then half of your job is done. Customers like to connect with representatives who understand their challenges and provide effective solutions for the same. No customer in this world would ever read an email that does not serve his purpose.

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4. Holiday Marketing Email Templates:

With the holiday season around the corner, every marketer should know the best email template, which will help in connecting with the right prospect. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year are some of the best days for promoting your product and services. Shoppers around the world get attracted to hefty discounts on this day, if promoted in the right way. An effective holiday marketing email template can guide you to achieve the objective of your email marketing campaign.

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5. Email Marketing Metrics Marketers Should Know:

How do you measure your email marketing performance?

Most of the marketers would not have the right answer to this question.

An email marketer has the tough task of reaching the right prospect at a convenient time. Many times they do not get the result as expected. For this reason, as a marketer, you need to measure the performance of your email campaign with reference to different metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and the conversion rate.

The right metrics can help you understand why a specific email campaign has not worked as expected.

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As you can see, there are no certain tactics to reach out to the customer, you should keep experimenting now and then to know which one works best for your organization and service. Broaden your knowledge and ideas with different ideas from this blog.

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